My Opinion on Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Royal Dye 8-1.

Igora Royal de Schwarzkoft Professional Opiniones

Hello everyone! In today’s post I share my opinion on the Igora Royal hair dye from Schwarzkoft Professional in the 8-1 shade. I show you the before and after and the steps I follow to use it.

Igora Royal by Schwarzkoft Professional

IGORA ROYAL dyes from Schwarzkoft are a type of coloring for professionals and have 5 lines. The line packed in the red box is the main one. Then there are 4 subtypes. Each range has a distinctive color:

  • IGORA ROYAL Highlifts,
  • IGORA ROYAL Fashion Lights
  • IGORA ROYAL Absolutes
  • IGORA ROYAL Silver Whites

These lines are used for specific coloring needs, such as gray hair or highlights.

How to apply Igora Royal from Schwarzkoft

This 8-1 dye from Igora I have used as my color base. What do I mean by this? Well, this is the color I apply to my virgin hair and on top on which I will add another type of color later (bleaching). Let me explain. It’s simpler than it sounds!

I apply my color base on my roots every 6 weeks (a month and a half). What I’m looking for is a dark ash blonde. A shade that looks very natural as my hair grows.

My color calendar is: February 15, March 31, May 15, June 30, August 15, September 30, November 15, and December 31.

Obviously it is not necessary that they are always those days, but these are approximate dates. On these dates I always apply my color base.

In one out of every two applications, I also do highlights and toning. That is, on the following dates I apply the base, and then also highlights and toning: March 31, June 30, September 30, December 31. If you notice the bleaching I do it every 3 months / 12 weeks. Or 4 times a year, as you prefer to see it.

In this post I tell you how I do to tone up highlights. The truth is that I change a lot because I like to experiment, but there I leave you a very simple color idea.

How to prepare the mixture for Igora Royal?

Mix 60 ml of Igora dye with 60 of hydrogen peroxide of 20 volumes. That is, we mix in equal parts.

Remember that hydrogen peroxide must be purchased separately.

How long do I leave the Igora Royal dye?

With 20-30 minutes of application is enough for a hydrogen peroxide of 20.

Where to buy Igora Royal dye from Schwarzkoft

In England I can’t buy it in hairdressing commercials, so I order it from Amazon.

Schwarzkopf Igora Royal Hair Dye 8 1
Schwarzkopf Igora Royal Hair Dye 8 1

Igora Royal Color Chart by Schwarzkoft Professional

Next you have the range of Blonde colors, within the range of “Natural”. For the full color chart, visit the official Schwarzkoft website.

Igora Royal by Schwarzkoft Professional Blonde Color Chart
Igora Royal by Schwarzkoft Professional Blonde Color Chart

Then I leave you other options of Igora dyes in ash tones (ie -1), but instead of the 8-1 that I have used, other lighter and darker colors, which are 9, 7 and 6.

Igora Royal dye by Schwarzkoft 9-1

Schwarzkoft Igora Royal Dye 7-1

Schwarzkoft Igora Royal Dye 6-1

Before and After Igora Royal by Schwarzkoft Professional

In the photos you can see what is the result of applying the dye 8-1 (mixed with water of 20 volumes). As you can see the base is dark chestnut. And the tone it reaches after half an hour of application is a light brown or dark ash blonde that for my taste is very beautiful and does not cover the wick excessively.

The 8 seems to me the perfect balance (without having to use other colors) between sufficiently clear but without being so clear that it starts to look orange.

Of course, you can create your own perfect blonde colors with different tints. That’s the beauty of the hairdresser. But seeing this, maybe you can get an idea of how it is used separately on a dark base.

Sometimes I experiment with other dyes, but this time in particular I wear only the 8-1 and nothing else. And that’s why I wanted to take the opportunity to write this post and show it to you.

Igora Royal 8.1 Before and After
Igora Royal 8.1 Before and After

My opinion about Igora Royal by Schwarzkoft Professional

The truth is that a picture is worth a thousand words. In my opinion, the 8-1 Igora Royal from Schwarzkoft Professional fulfils its main task, which is to provide a natural color.

The main challenge of my hair is to lift so many shades without pulling to red or orange. Something very, very, complicated. And the truth is that he has succeeded. The color is super natural.

Obviously it is not blonde because my base can not reach a blonde with this dye and this water, but I the natural result I am looking for. I find it perfect and very nice as a base for my highlights.

Giving the highlights on the natural color gives me a contrast too strong (although I have done it sometimes), and not even giving a very fine wick or nuance with blurring. So for me the option I like the most is to apply a dark blonde dye as a base.

If what you are looking for is an ash blonde tone because you are working with a very dark base color, the natural range of the Igora can come in handy.

In addition to this opinion about the Igora Royal dye from Schwarzkoft Professional you may also be interested in my review of the Olia dye by Garnier. It is a low-cost dye for non-professional use.

If you want to see more detail about my color routine, I leave the following video on my channel:

A hug,

Deliria Rose