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Welcome to Deliria Rose’s blog. Here, you can explore information and reviews about beauty, focusing on skin and hair care, along with a touch of fashion, all brought to you by beauty blogger Deliria Rose.

Back in 2016, Deliria Rose kicked off this blog with a simple goal: to provide easy-to-digest info about beauty products, aiming to guide the everyday person in finding and showcasing their best physical selves.

Honest reviews for a loyal audience

The reviews showcased on the Deliria Rose blog follow a detailed evaluation process. The blogger personally gets her hands on each product she reviews and puts it through a trial period of at least two weeks, tweaking the duration based on the unique features of each product. This method ensures that the opinions shared come from genuine and detailed experience.

Transparency is key in Deliria Rose’s evaluations. In each review, the blogger points out that her comments are rooted in her skin and hair type, acknowledging the importance of catering to the diverse needs of individuals. This open and impartial approach gives the readers the confidence to make well-informed decisions in their quest for beauty products.

Over the years, Deliria Rose has built a dedicated audience spread across various channels: the website deliriarose.com, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok and Facebook. Her audience trusts her because she´s always given it to them straight and strive to share useful info that won’t be found elsewhere.

Among other things, this is why Deliria Rose proudly stands as one of the leading blogs on skincare in Spanish language, pulling in 70,000 monthly visits in 2023.

Looking for a fashion and cosmetics influencer in Spanish?

In many cases, influencer collaborations are limited to one social network, making it tough to reach everyone or measure the full impact.

An Adobe report highlights that 73% of consumers use multiple channels to buy products. Connecting these channels, like pairing social media ads with sponsored content on sites with niche expertise, can seriously boost the effectiveness of your ad campaigns.

If you’re keen to introduce your brand to an audience passionate about fashion and beauty, especially in skin and hair care, through campaigns spanning blog articles to storytelling videos or images on social networks, get in touch with Deliria Rose. Your product can be showcased across as many channels as you like, all managed through a single collaboration with the influencer.

Shoot us an email at deliria.rose@gmail.com if you fancy teaming up with Deliria through a sponsored blog post or a social media collab. It’s a win-win chance to amp up your SEO and get your brand known in the cosmetics or hair care scene among an audience eager to discover your products.

And if your brand reps an aesthetic clinic, don’t forget to check out Top Beauty By Deliria, the sister site launched by the blogger. It features exclusive reviews of aesthetic treatments in beauty centres.

Get in touch and connect with your audience today!

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