The best moisturisers with sunscreen for oily skin from pharmacy


Although my skin tends to be more combination than oily lately, I have always treated it as such. And, on the other hand, if there is only one beauty tip that I keep repeating in each post, it is the importance of sunscreen to prevent premature aging of facial skin. And these are the two reasons that have led me today to write about the best moisturisers with sunscreen for oily skin from pharmacy brands.

The reason why I have decided to focus on pharmacy creams is mainly because I love this type of cosmetics. Pharmacy creams are usually formulated by dermatologists and have quality ingredients without the price of other brands.

And for the record, I love the top brands of Sephora, or for example the lesser-known Korean cosmetics. But if we talk about quality, pharmacy cosmetics never fail.

Moisturisers for oily skin with built-in SPF

In this post we talk about moisturisers with SPF. Not sunscreens as such. Let’s focus on creams that we can use every day in our morning routine.

My personal morning skin care routine is made up of the following steps.

  1. Cleansing gel
  2. Eye contour
  3. Serum
  4. moisturiser with sunscreen
  5. Makeup

Although lately I work mainly from home and only go to the office once a week, I always, without exception, apply moisturiser with sunscreen.

Finding a moisturiser that contains this extra protective factor but doesn’t overload the skin is tricky. It is true that with age my complexion has become more mixed than fat.

And this was further accentuated when I lost quite a bit of weight last year. But I still look for products that are specific to oily skin. I don’t have as many brightness problems anymore, but I still do.

My top moisturisers with sunscreen for oily skin from pharmacy:

Hydra Zen fluide SPF 30 from Lancôme: the cream with the greatest protection

This Lancôme cream tops my ranking for having the highest SPF (30) without providing any fat.

Here is the full review of Lancôme’s Hydra Zen fluid SPF 30 if you want to know more. But in short, it is a moisturiser (eye, not anti-aging), super pleasant to use and without shine problems. A wonderful fluid texture.

Anti-stress fluid Hydra Zen Lancôme
Anti-stress fluid Hydra Zen Lancôme

Multi-Active Jour SPF 15 from Clarins: the lightest cream

This is the version of Clarins for oily skin looking for hydration and also sun protection. Like the previous one, this one is only moisturizing, not anti-aging. The texture is also luxurious. The only thing is that in this case the SPF is 15, somewhat lower.

Read here the review of the Multi-Active Jour SPF 15 from Clarins.

Multi-Active Jour SPF 15 de Clarins
Multi-Active Jour SPF 15 de Clarins

Avène Hydrance UV Light Moisturizing Emulsion SPF30: the best value for money

The Hydrance UV Light Moisturizing Emulsion SPF30 from Avène is another jewel of pharmacy for those skins that seek to get rid of shine but also want adequate sun protection.

I remember that I used this cream for a summer and it lasted very little because it was so nice that I kept reapplying it. In short, quality, with sunscreen 30 and cheap. That’s great.

Here is the detailed review I did at the time of Avène’s Hydrance UV Light Moisturizing Emulsion SPF30.

review about Hydrance UV Light Moisturizing Emulsion SPF30 from Avène
Avène Hydrance UV Light Moisturizing Emulsion SPF30

The moisturisers with SPF for oily skin from pharmacy with best reviews:

Now that I have told you about my favourites, I will show you the creams with the best opinions among users. Although I want to talk about the ones that in my personal opinion are the best based on my experience, I think this post would not be complete if I did not mention the following creams, since you will find them everywhere on the internet:

Neutrogena Hydro Boost for oily skin

This cream has a medium SPF (25) and comes in lotion format, which makes it very suitable for oily skin. It contains hyaluronic acid, which you know I’m a big fan, and also other antioxidant ingredients.

Cerave moisturiser for oily skin

Again talking about CeraVe, Deliria Rose? Yes! Sorry but I’m all about this drug store brand that delivers so much for so little money.

This moisturiser from CeraVe is a top seller due to its price. In this case the hydration is provided thanks to its system of 3 essential ceramides. These ceramides are those that the brand includes in all its formulations. SFP 25.

Isdin moisturiser for oily skin

Another option for sale in pharmacies is this option of Isdin for oily skin that seeks to protect itself from the sun. I love it because it has SPF 50, super high, and also fights the aging of the skin and comes with color. Come on, all in one. It is not a good option if you do not like to put on makeup, but if you like to give yourself a touch of color, it seems perfect to save time in the morning.

Moisturiser for oily skin from la Roche Posay

I’ve always wanted to find a simple day moisturiser with La Roche Posay sunscreen and I’ve never found it.

This is the one that most resembles it, since it contains color. It is a BB cream. That’s why he said about a “simple” cream. La Roche Posay creams are only used at night or with an SPF makeup on top. If you like the BB cream option, you may like this one. The truth is that he has very good opinions on the internet. I personally prefer to use makeup separately.

La Roche Posay Hydreane BB Cream SPF20

  • Type of product: BB cream.
  • Ages: all.
  • Skins: all types.
  • Benefits: hydration and colour.

So far my top moisturisers with sunscreen for oily skin from pharmacy. I hope it has given you ideas for your next cosmetic incorporation.

See you here very soon. Until then, take great care of those pretty faces!

Much love,

Deliria Rose