How I stay up to date with Korean’s latest beauty and lifestyle trends with Daebak

Hi darlings! You know I am a massive fan of Korean beauty products. I love the fact that they are effective but look cute at the same time. Today I want to share with you a brand I recently discovered – Daebak, a Korean subscription box.

Here in the United Kingdom, and also in other Western countries, Korean products can be hard to discover. The reason is that some of them don´t have an equivalent in our traditional skincare. I am thinking of essences, a mix between a toner and an essential oil, for example. But there are other examples of products that can be fairly new to us.

For this reason, I think it is an excellent idea to be able to discover new products by using a Korean subscription box. Daebak´s tag line is “We bring Korean to you”, which means they will help you discover new brands in an easy, convenient way. And I’m all for it!

I am looking forward to trying out the latest Kbeauty and Klifestyle trends, straight out of Korea and featured in the most popular Korean magazines.

Korean culture goes beyond the latest 100-step skincare routine craze or the ultra-famous BTS. There is a lot of pop culture and beauty knowledge that is still to be discovered in Western countries and I am looking forward to getting to know them.

At Daebak´s you will find both beauty and lifestyle items. One that caught my eye when I landed on the site was Vogue’s Korean issue. What do Vogue Korean editors think is in right now? What is the Korean perspective on fashion and beauty from a this top-authority magazine? Well, you can order their latest monthly issue and discover it.

Korean magazine

A Korean beauty subscription to try all of the new brands

However, I have to say, you know I´m a sucker for beauty products, so the Korean beauty section is my favourite one. Some of the brands they sell are Tenzero, Etude or I’m Sorry For My Skin. You can find both skincare treatments as well as beauty accessories.

So please don´t forget to check out Daebak´s site to try out their subscription box or find a little Korean gem for your beauty routine. I´m sure there is something for everyone in the fabulous and fun Korean market.

Korean fashion, beauty and lifestyle are spreading quickly across the globe, and me personally, having my blog and social media in this industry, I am totally onboarded with this cultural move and I am looking forward to fully embracing the Korean style into my life.

Keep glam and beautiful my loves,

Best wishes,

Deliria Rose

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