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opinio?n Blondme Bond Enforcing de Schwarzkoft

Hello darlings! I’ve been trying out the new Blondme Bond Enforcing bleaching powders from Schwarzkoft and I’m going to do the review because they’ve blown me away. If you have tried different bleaching powders for dark hair bases and haven’t heard of them yet, I recommend you read on.

Description of Blondme Bond Enforcing Bleaching Powder

Type of product:Hair bleaching powder
Requires other products:Yes
Products needed:Developer (for mixture), dye (for toning)

What are Schwarzkoft Blondme Bond Enforcing Powders for?

The BlondMe Premium Bond Reinforcing Bleaching 9+ are bleaching powders for the hair that we use to lift the color until we get a nice light base with which we can work on with different shades. We can apply fantasy coloring or light natural tones.

In my case, I use them to do my own highlights (balayage, very dense highlights), and then I tone up with dye. In the post on how to tone up highlights I explain more on that.

What is special about this bleaching?

This bleach achieves up to 9 levels of lightening, that is, it has a very high lightening power.

In addition, it strengthens the bridges within the hair fiber, which means that it repairs the damage that bleached hair presents. It produces the opposite effect to other types of bleaches, which what they do is break the hair fiber.

The third benefit of this product is that it provides advanced neutralization, which means that we are going to avoid those orange and yellow tones normally associated with dark hair that is lightened.

This product has a special technology based on succinic acid. This acid penetrates the hair during the oxidative process and creates a protective layer around the bonds of the hair, which are the ones that tend to break in the usual bleaching process. As a result, most bridges survive the bleaching process.

How to use Schwarzkoft Blondme Bond Enforcing Bleaching Powder

As you already know, my color routine (with a dark brown base) is the following:

Highlights with bleaching + coloring in the rest of the hair. Later I remove and apply a shade over the entire hair.

I repeat this process every quarter. I always do it at the end of March, at the end of June, at the end of September and at the end of December.

Between these bleaching what I do is a monthly dye to touch up the roots without abusing the discoloration, which is more aggressive with the hair. Also, now that I’m wearing extensions, it would be more difficult for me to apply the bleach. That’s why I make it coincide with the time I have to take them off every three months.

How to mix Schwarzkoft Blondme Bond Enforcing Bleaching Powders

The mixing ratio: from 1:1.5 to 1:2.5. In my case I used a ratio of 1:2. I used 50 gr of powder with 100 ml of 40 volume developer (yes, 40, I know it’s crazy, now I’ll tell you the result).

If you are going to use the mixture on the roots, do not use more than a 20 volume developer. If you are only going to use a couple of centimeters beyond the scalp, you can use 30 developer, but I recommend that you try the lowest developer that you can

I used half 30 and half 40 developer because that was what I had on hand, and I got chemical burns on my skin! I will tell you in detail below.

In this post I tell you what developer to use for bleaching.

How long to leave Blondme bleach leave on?

The instructions indicate between 20 and 45 minutes. But in my case, with very thick hair there are sections that I left for an hour and a half. Be careful, I do not recommend it at all.

This is something I did at my own risk and because I know very well how my hair reacts. In my case it didn’t break nor was it sticky, but it’s not normal. It shouldn’t be left that long.

How many shades does Blondme lighten?

Lightens up to 9 tones and is suitable for all types of bases. As you know, my foundation is very dark brown (virtually black), and it lightened me to pale yellow, almost white.

If you have a 1 base (black), for example, this means that you are going to get to a very light blonde, almost white, which would be a tone 10.

It seems impossible, but it is not. Having dark hair doesn’t mean you have to settle for a dark blonde. In fact, in this article I told you how to bleach your hair to white at home without mistreating it.

Where to buy Schwarzkoft Blondme Bond Enforcing Bleaching Powder

The BlondMe Premium Bond Reinforcing Bleaching 9+ powders are sold in a 350g and 450g bottle.

These bleaching powders are reserved for sale to professionals, which is why they are usually found in hairdressing supply stores. However, they are also available on Amazon, at the link that I leave below:

Schwarzkopf Professional BlondMe
Schwarzkopf Professional BlondMe

The developer designed for these powders is BLONDME Premium Developer 2%/7 vol., 6%/20 vol. or 9%/30 vol.

Blondme premium care developer 6% 20 vol AGUA OXIGENADA SCHWARZKOFT
Blondme premium care developer 6% 20 vol DEVELOPER SCHWARZKOFT

My Rewview on Schwarzkoft Blondme Bond Enforcing Bleaching Powder

These are the most powerful bleaching powders I have used to date. With other powders I have to wait several hours until it lifts the blonde, but with this one, as soon as I finished highlighting all over my head (1.5 hours), I was able to remove the product.

Secondly, something that surprised me a lot is that after washing my hair I felt it was soft and strengthened. Usually the effect is the opposite. After bleaching I notice it frizzy and chewy. In this case, not at all. The effect is similar to some keratin treatments I have done.

Before I told you not to use very high developer if you are going to use it on the roots. In my case I used a mixture of 30 and 40 because it was what I had on hand. Some product spilled on my shoulder and burned instantly.

I removed the product in a matter of seconds, minutes at the most, but still have small marks from the bleaching burnouts.

In this photo you can see what I’m talking about.

quemadura qui?mica por decoloracio?n
Chemical burnt off bleaching

But if you’re careful and use these decorating powders the way they’re supposed to be used, you shouldn’t have a problem.

Finally, I will tell you that when I opened the bottle I was a bit surprised to see that the bottle was almost half full. I suppose that quality is paid for, but I was left with the impression that it had arrived half empty!

I took the photo as soon as I opened it. Do you see how little comes?

Blondme Bond Enforcing de Schwarzkoft
Blondme Bond Enforcing de Schwarzkoft

You will see that it is a very different product from others, both for the color result, which is beautiful: without orange reflections and ultra lightening, and for how well-cared it leaves the hair.

Anyway, I will continue trying out others to continue writing reviews for this blog, but I have to say that it is difficult for the next one I try to be as good as this one.

I hope that my review on the Schwarzkoft Blondme Bond Enforcing Bleaching Powders has been useful to you if you are looking for reviews about it.

If you want to see more detail about my color routine, you can check out this video from my Youtube channel:

Lots of love,

Deliria Rose

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