My opinion on Avène's soothing eye contour

opiniones contorno de ojos calmante de Avène

Hello my darlings! Today I tell you my opinion about Avène’s soothing eye contour. It’s been a while since I wrote reviews and I have a thousand products to try. So I start with this moisturizing eye contour from Avène brand.

If you are looking for a good anti-dark circles cream you may be interested in this article I made about the best anti-dark circles cream on the market.

First of all, I have to tell you something. I’ve been doing a cosmetic experiment. And it is that I had been trying a thousand products and creams for so many years that there came a certain moment, about 3 months ago, where I decided I needed a break.

So I stopped using cosmetics practically for 3 months. I will tell you in more detail in another post, but in summary, this has helped me to reset the skin and see more clearly the effect of new products, such as the Avène eye contour that I am going to talk about today.

What is Avène’s soothing eye contour for?

Avène Eye Contour Soothing Care is an eye contour, indicated for sensitive skin, as it contains a soothing and decongestant formula. Its function is to moisturize the area around the eyelid. It is not a specific anti-wrinkle treatment, bags or dark circles.

The purpose of this product is not to fight against the signs of aging, but to care for the skin, using highly tolerable ingredients. Developed to minimize risks of skin intolerances. It has no perfume or parabens.

Its main ingredient is Avène thermal water.

Where to buy and what is the price?

The Avène Soothing eye contour can be found online and price varies througout the year depending on offers and promotions:

This cream can also be found very easily on Amazon:

Avène Eye Contour Calming Cream

  • Type of product: eye contour cream.
  • Ages: all.
  • Skins: all types.
  • Benefits: hydration.

It comes in a 10ml bottle.

How to use Avène’s soothing eye contour?

This cream, and any other eye contour I use, I apply with touches on the skin. I use it morning and night on completely clean skin.

It’s the first step in my routine, in both cases. After the contour would go the serum and then the moisturiser. Next would go the sunscreen and makeup, if we are using it.

My opinion on Avène Eye Contouring Soothing Care

I bought it because I like the brand. In this blog I have many reviews of Avène because they seem to me of quality without being excessively expensive. It gives me confidence that it is a pharmacy brand. They do not usually spend excessively on advertising, but invest the money in formulating quality treatments.

It had been a while without using any type of cosmetic in the area around the eye. Therefore, since I started using it I noticed the difference immediately.

However, you must keep one thing in mind. This moisturiser for the eyes is not a specific anti-wrinkle treatment. Nor is it designed to combat swelling or bags. Its function is simply to keep the skin hydrated gently.

If what you are looking for is an effective cream against the effects of age, I recommend another one from Avène that is the PHYSIOLIFT eyes from Avène. The Physiolift Eyes is a little more expensive, but more effective against the signs of aging.

From time to time I have a bit of reaction to eye products. They start crying after giving me creams. With that product that doesn’t happen to me. From the first moment it feels soft and respectful with the skin.

Effect on purple pigmentation: I have quite pronounced dark circles and I have not noticed any kind of effect on the coloration.

Bags: I don’t have too much bag problem, so it’s hard to judge, but I haven’t noticed changes in the volume of the skin under the eyelid.

Hydration: the area of the crow’s feet I notice with more volume and more hydrated. Yes, I have noticed a difference in hydration level.

Do I recommend this anti-dark circles cream?

Avène Eye Contour Soothing Care I recommend if you have youthful skin (less than 40) or if you have allergic reactions to eye contour treatments.

I do not recommend it if you already have crow’s feet or sagging notes in the eyelid area. This cream is not powerful enough to help you do that.

This is not to say that it is a bad cream. It is simply that it is designed for a specific type of need, which is young skin or for people looking for a simple treatment, nothing more.

I hope my opinion about Avene Eye Contouring Soothing Care has served you well if you are looking for analysis before buying it.

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Much love, my darlings

Deliria Rose

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