My opinion on Clinique Mild Face Soap

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In today’s post I am going to tell you my opinion about Clinique Mild Facial Soap. This is a facial cleanser that is super popular all over the world. I’ve been testing it for several months and today I’m finally going to do the review. I’m going to tell you what my opinion and assessment of the product is. And it is that when using it I have had a very curious reaction, you will see!

How eager I could write a review, darlings! Lately I have been so busy making videos for the YouTube channel that I began to pile up the cosmetics I had to talk about in this blog. But the day has finally come! I decided to start with this Clinique Mild Facial Soap because it has not left indifferent at all and I needed to share it.

For starters, you know that I like Clinique for skin care because it is a brand that manufactures hypoallergenic, high-quality and skin-friendly cosmetics. I have already talked about many Clinique products on the blog and my overall rating is positive.

You know that cleansing the skin is a fundamental step in our beauty routine. There is nothing better than the feeling of washing the face in depth and feeling clean and fresh, ready to face a new day or to go to sleep and that the skin regenerates as it deserves.

Basic Formula 3 Stroke Clinique
Basic Formula 3 Steps Clinique

This facial soap is part of the 3-step routine called Basic 3-Stroke Formula. This is composed of the following products:

  1. Facial Soap
  2. Clarifying lotion
  3. Moisturizing lotion

The clarifying lotion, by the way, is simply a tonic. I’ve noticed that these three products vary depending on the kits they sell them in. I think it mainly depends on the type of skin they are focused on. But come on, even if the product varies a little, it is always soap + toner + moisturizer.

This soap has 3 versions: for dry/very dry, dry/combination and oily/combination skin. My skin is oily, but I decided to take the dry/combination skin because facial soaps sometimes dry me out a little and because this was the intermediate product of the three they sell.

Price of Clinique mild soap

It costs between € 16 and € 27 per 200ml, depending on the store. They sell it in a thousand places, but here I leave a couple of known options: Amazon and Sephora.

clinique mild soap
Clinique mild soap

How to use this soap?

Although it usually appears as the first step of any Clinique 3-step routine in which they sell it, the truth is that I use other products before. Do not forget that this is a soap, so if we wear the skin made up we must remove makeup before. This soap will not eliminate, for example, the eyeliner of our eyelids or the lipstick of our lips.

I use this soap daily, both in my morning and evening cleaning. A couple of times a week (depends) I replace it with Nivea’s exfoliating facial gel, which does a deeper cleansing.

So, first of all, I remove makeup from the face. At the moment I am using Garnier’s 2 in 1 eye makeup remover.However, I have used other Clinique ones such as Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm, Take The Day Off Cleansing Oil and Rinse-Off Makeup Solvent, all three from Clinique.In the links you have the complete reviews of each product.

Once the skin is removed, I mix this soap with water and massage the face. A soft foam is formed that I remove with water. Come on, what has been a normal soap of a lifetime.

The face is clean and ready for the next step. Which can be Clinique’s clarifying lotion toner, or directly the treatment products (serum, lotion or cream).

My opinion on Clinique’s mild soap

I decided to buy this facial soap because it was supposed to be gentle, and I don’t like the skin to be tight after using facial gels.

Well, first of all, I have to say that the product fulfils its function. However, it leaves the skin a little tighter than I expected. I have combination/oily skin and am using a product for combination/dry skin. It is assumed that in any case the effect would be the opposite. Not really. But come on, without further ado. I would not recommend it if you have dehydrated oily skin, as it could make it worse.

Second point: although the product fulfills its function for me it causes a side effect which is that it causes me allergy! Yes, it is a soap specifically formulated to be skin-friendly. (In fact, it’s called “mild” soap for a reason), and it still makes me an allergy. In addition, like all Clinique products it has no aromas and is hypoallergenic.

What happens to me with this soap is that it makes me sneeze. I notice the most sensitive skin when I apply it and after using it I start sneezing. Those of you who are allergic to mites and the like will know the sensation of which I speak. It’s not that it’s the end of the world, but I find it curious how I, who don’t have allergies, suffer a reaction with such a mild hypoallergenic product.

Obviously, this does not mean that it happens to everyone. But as always, I tell you my honest opinion about the product. As rare as it is! But anyway, despite this, the truth is that Clinique is a brand that I will continue to buy because in general I think it is good.

I hope you found my comments useful if you are looking for opinions on Clinique’s mild facial soap.

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A huge hug,

Deliria Rose