The best creams with hyaluronic acid from pharmacy in 2023

The best creams with hyaluronic acid from pharmacy

Hello my darlings! In today’s post we are going to make a recap of the best creams with hyaluronic acid from pharmacy in 2023. That is, I already anticipate that here we will find from the favorite pharmacy creams of always to others that have entered the market more recently.

At first I planned to write an article about the best creams with hyaluronic acid in general. However, there were so many I wanted to talk about, it was going to be an endless post. So I have limited to creams with hyaluronic acid from pharmacy, only. The reason is that pharmacy cosmetics you know I like it a lot. They are usually high quality products and endorsed by dermatologists. They have effective ingredients, but without super inflated prices unnecessarily by marketing.

I wanted to talk about hyaluronic acid because it’s one of my favorite cosmetic ingredients. I’m even considering doing some cosmetic touch-ups with hyaluronic acid in the future. What I am considering in the short term is lips and long-term filler of fine lines. Who knows? If I do, I’ll tell you.

In this post I explain in more detail what hyaluronic acid is and how to use it. But come on, if you want a summary I will tell you that it is a super powerful ingredient to maintain hydration, but that it is natural at the same time. And, after all, maintaining the hydration of the skin is the basis for achieving a youthful appearance. And it’s what really works to keep the skin healthy. Let’s not forget that after all the skin is an organ and we must take care of it as such. And we are made of water!

The best creams with hyaluronic acid from pharmacy

Hyaluronic acid cream from La Roche Posay Hyalu B5 Aquagel SPF30

Hyalu B5 Aquagel SPF30 is a great combination of high sun protection level (SPF 30) while still being effective as a treatment, thanks to hyaluronic acid. Normally creams with high sun protection are usually lighter as treatments. That is, less effective when it comes to treating specific skin problems.

However, this care of La Roche Posay manages to protect the skin from solar radiation, the signs of aging and pollution. Oh, and it’s also suitable for sensitive skin.

It is suitable for all skin types, but I recommend it especially if you have oily or combination skin, for its gel texture.

One of my favorite hyaluronic acid treatments without a doubt. And it’s not just me. Surely you have already heard about this online cream, since it has very good opinions and has become very popular. This, and its cousin the HyaluB5 hyaluronic acid Serum from La Roche Posay as well. And also at a very affordable retail price if we take into account its quality.

Hyaluronic acid cream by Avène Physiolift Anti-wrinkle cream

PhysioLift Day, smoothing emulsion, from Avéne

The Physiolift Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream from the Avène brand comes in 40 ml format, somewhat smaller than the standard format. But this cream is worth it.

The most remarkable thing about this cream is its intensive anti-wrinkle effect. That is, more suitable for mature skin.

It is a day cream with hyaluronic acid to smooth pronounced wrinkles, tighten, increase firmness and plump the skin.

If we look at the ingredients, this anti-aging cream is formulated based on collagen and hyaluronic acid. It protects the skin from free radical aggressors thanks to provitamin E (pretocopheryl) which is an antioxidant. Its formula, rich in Avène Thermal Water, the brand’s hallmark, has a soothing effect and incorporates gently acting agents for a wrinkle blurring effect.

With a creamy texture and a delicate perfume, it adapts perfectly to dry and sensitive skin. PhysioLift Day Smoothing Cream brings radiance back to the and enhances the complexion.

This cream contains UV protection, so it should be used during the day alone.

The Physiolift is a cream that I have liked for a long time. In fact, I already told you about it in the post about what hyaluronic acid is and how to use it.

A jewel of cream, but I leave it at number 2 only because, although it is moderately priced, it is more expensive, in comparison, than my number 1. That you are going to see now what it is.

Cream with hyaluronic acid from CeraVe Dry Skin Smoothing Cream

CeraVe Dry Skin Smoothing Cream
CeraVe Dry Skin Smoothing Cream

And in the number one of my top of best creams with hyaluronic acid from pharmacy is the CeraVe Smoothing Cream.

Why? Well, because this cream, in addition to containing hyaluronic acid, contains other very effective ingredients when it comes to combating the signs of aging and at the same time has a very economical price. In addition to hyaluronic acid, this cream contains 10% urea, salicylic acid and ceramides.

Urea is an ingredient long known for its moisturizing properties. Do you remember the typical Neutrogena hand cream, which has always been in our homes and was good for everything? Well, it had this ingredient. Then, salicylic acid is an increasingly fashionable compound in cosmetics. It serves mainly to treat acne. And of course my dear ceramides. The Ceramidin cream from Dr Jart that I reviewed recently was used as the main ingredient and has been a revolution in my facial routine.

Cerave is a brand that uses ceramides in most of its products, by the way. So if you’re as much a fan of ceramides as I am, keep an eye on it.

According to the team of pharmacists of the online pharmacy Vistafarma, CeraVe has become one of the most fashionable brands in 2022. All thanks to the effectiveness and simplicity of its ingredients, combined with a moderate price.

The Eczema Association of the United States of America has approved this cream. Its delicate texture allows its use in sensitive areas such as the dark circle. That is, we could use it as an anti-dark circles cream or for the eye contour, if necessary. Come on, one 2 in 1.

CeraVe Dry Skin Smoothing Cream is especially recommended for dry skin. However, do not rule it out if you have combination or oily skin, because thanks to salicylic acid it will not generate acne. If you’re worried about shine, you can use it as a night moisturizer.

Hyaluronic acid cream from Nezeni Cosmetics Night Moisturizing Cream 30+

Hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid is one of the 10 active ingredients in Nezeni Night 30+ Moisturizing Cream, so I can guarantee that it is a great option both to maintain adequate hydration, and to delay the first wrinkles.

Note that it is a mixture of three hyaluronic acids of different molecular weights. This means that the molecules that weigh less will be able to penetrate deeper into the skin, and those that weigh more will remain in the superficial layers, achieving a triple moisturizing, protective and firming effect, rejuvenating the skin from within. In addition, you will also find vegetable collagen and elastin, betaine or red algae extract.

The brand covers all needs with two versions of the cream, both for dry and sensitive skin and for those that tend to oil. And each one has its respective sister to hydrate also during the day.

The textures are a little different, but both leave the skin very soft and comfortable; And of course, they do not clog pores or leave shine.

And something very important for your health, its natural formula does not include irritants, chemicals or any harmful ingredients; Nor an excess of preservatives, thus avoiding the combined effect of cosmetics.

It is one of the most complete and with the best characteristics on the market (even its packaging is sustainable!); And I think it’s unbeatable value for money.

I hope this article about the best creams with hyaluronic acid pharmacy has been interesting if you are looking for cosmetics with this ingredient of moderate price, but quality.

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