My Opinion about Garnier Olia Hair Dye

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Hello my darlings! Today I tell you my opinion about Garnier’s Olia Hair Dye. It is a dye that caught my attention because it is ammonia-free. I try to look for products that protect my hair but work at the same time, so I had to try it.

Product Type:Hair Dye
Bleaching dye:No

What are the ammoniafree dyes?

Ammonia-free hair colours are a gentler alternative to hair dyes than traditional ammonia-based hair colors. Some examples of dyes without ammonia are:

  • Semi-permanent dyes: These dyes are ammonia and peroxide free and fade gradually with each wash.
  • Henna dyes: henna is a plant that is used to dye hair naturally. Henna dyes are free of ammonia and other chemicals and are a great option for people with sensitive skin.
  • Oil dyes: Some ammonia-free hair dyes contain natural oils, such as olive oil or argan oil, which help nourish and protect the hair while coloring it.
  • Vegetable dyes: Vegetable dyes are a natural option that are made with plant extracts such as chamomile, chamomile, or sarsaparilla. They do not contain ammonia and are usually a gentle option for hair.

It is important to note that although these dyes do not contain ammonia, they may still contain other chemicals and it is important to read labels and perform a sensitivity test before using any hair dye.

How I used the Olia’s permanent colour

The dyes of Olia de Garnier have many shades, but I have used 10.1. I chose this one because I wanted an ash blonde.

Dye to nuance highlights
Dye Olia Garnier tone 10.1

To give you an idea of what I used this product for, let me quickly explain my colour routine first. I do highlights every 3 months (12 weeks). In the session I do the highlights, and also every 1.5 months (6 weeks) I use a dye to touch up the roots. This is the dye I use for that step of my colour routine.

On this occasion I tried the Olia de Garnier tone 10.1 after applying the highlights. I have only used it to apply to the root area. I could also have used it equally for the colour retouching I do between highlighting jobs. In that case I would have used it in root as well.

In other words, this is a dye that I have tried to tone the highlights. In the photos below you will see that the dye is applied to my natural root and also over very thin highlighted sections. But the important thing is that the colour it has on my dark brown base is reflected well in the photos.

My base colour is very dark brown, so I have to be very careful to prevent my hair from turning yellow. Although I have posts in detail on the subject, as a general recommendation I remind you that we should look for ash dyes (0.1) to counteract reddish or orange tones.

In the article on how to tone up highlights you can see more details on how to do it.

Garnier’s Olia Hair Dye Before and After

Now I will show you the before and after of using the Olia de Garnier tone 10.1 to touch up my roots at home.


Olia Garnier Reviews 10.1 Before
Olia Garnier Reviews 10.1 Before


Olia Garnier Reviews 10.1 After
Olia Garnier Review 10.1 After

Garnier Olia 10.1- Extra Light Blonde Hair Colour 10.1

  • Ammonia-free hair colour for an extra gentle formula.
  • Good value for money.
  • Ready to use: no developer needed.

My review of Garnier’s Olia Dye tone 10.1

Although my base is quite dark, the Olia de Garnier tone 10.1 dye counteracts the yellowish undertones. Although it is not one of the dyes with the ashiest finish that I have tried, to be fair.

However, the fact that it is an ammonia-free dye makes me not care so much about the colour, since it is less aggressive with my hair.

How long does Garnier Olia permanent last?

Garnier’s Olia dye is a permanent dye. The tone is well preserved from the moment of coloring. Of course, like any other dye, the color can lose its shine over the weeks.

Here I leave a video with my colour routine, in case you are interested. I also mention other dyes that I have used to tone up my highlights on other occasions.

You know that I like to try different products to make reviews and ratings in this blog, so I will include my opinions on the following dyes that I will try. They will always be for blonde tones, since at the moment I do not plan to change colour, and always keeping in mind that I want to avoid orange tones in the hair.

I hope this review about Tinte Olia de Garnier has helped you if you are looking for information about this hair dye before buying it.

My assessment of Garnier’s Olia Dye 10.1:

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Lots of love,

Deliria Rose