The best moisturisers for mature combination skin

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Today I finish my series of daily posts for February with an article that I had already been promising you: my selection of best moisturisers for mature combination skin. Yesterday I shared my ranking of best moisturisers for young combination skin, so today I focus on those skins with visible signs of aging, such as wrinkles, lack of firmness or problems of spots or pigmentation.

I have classified creams for combination skin (my skin type and with which I have experience) into young skin and mature skin.

Young skins, I have considered those under 25 years, and, mature, those over 25 years. It may seem like a bit of an unbalanced division, but the reason I’ve done this is that the main difference, at the formulation level, in a moisturiser, is whether it serves to combat the signs of aging or not.

You know that I like to understand why the skin ages and how we can fight against the visible signs of aging (with head), so I have a lot of articles on how to reduce wrinkling and how to treat more mature skin.

One of the most recent is the best anti-wrinkle creams recommended by dermatologists if you want to see more options. And if you want to limit more depending on age, in this post I leave you the best ingredients to take care of the skin from 30.

But I don’t roll up anymore and we start!

The best moisturisers for mature combination skin

For my personal selection of moisturisers for mature combination skin I have chosen the best ones depending on a certain characteristic of the product, so that I can guide you a little more.

All of them cover the need (obvious from the title of this post) to serve combination skin, that is: both for drier areas of the face (cheeks and mouth) and the oiliest (nose and forehead).

The best moisturiser for mature combination skin with shine

I think if we talk about finding a cream that is good for mature and combination skin it is important to look for a light consistency. Lotion or gel creams will provide us with the nutrition we need, but add weight to the face.

One of the problems of oily skin as you age is that the lipids that are deposited in it add weight that makes the skin look thick and droopy. For this it is also important, by the way, to exfoliate correctly. And once the skin is clean and exfoliated we must use a light product, but at the same time effective.

My choice for this case is the Slow Age with SPF 25 from Vichy. It provides all the benefits of an anti-wrinkle cream for mature skin but without giving it extra weight.

In this post you can read my experience with Vichy Slow Age Fluid SPF 25.

The best natural and vegan moisturiser for mature combination skin

Natural formulas are a safe bet for all skins, but especially for mature ones that are increasingly reactive.

The Collagen Night moisturiser from Nezeni Cosmetics has it all: a natural, vegan and hypoallergenic composition that infuses the skin with moisture to prevent the first signs of aging from being marked and with a dreamy texture!

It is especially recommended to use at night, because in addition to moisturizing it helps create more collagen, although you will also find other Nezeni moisturisers for other skin types and for the day.

But what I like most about the Nezeni brand (which is Spanish) is that they care about eliminating any negative compounds from their formulas, neither parabens, nor silicones, nor preservatives likely to cause any harm. Instead of adding a lot of preservatives to make the cosmetic last for years, this cream will serve you for 2 years, even if you do not open the container.

In this article about facial care routine for combination skin I review this cream.

Night cream for 30 years of Nezeni
Night cream for from 30 years of Nezeni

The best moisturiser for economical mature combination skin

For only € 11 this moisturiser from Olay fights 7 signs of aging and is also a very economical cosmetic. It has been on the market for years and has been a highly acclaimed cream from the first moment.

The 7 properties of this treatment are that it reduces expression lines, moisturizes the skin, makes skin tone more uniform, reduces spots caused by aging, exfoliates, minimizes pores and also has a lifting effect.

They recommend it especially for mature skin (over 50 years).

Here you can read my full review of the cream of Olay Total Effects 7 in 1.

The best moisturiser for mature combination skin with sunscreen

Something I repeat in every post on this blog. What is the best advice to preserve the youthfulness of the skin and prevent premature aging? Protect yourself from the sun. If you only have to keep one thing of everything you have read here today, let it be that.

That said, my favourite moisturiser for combination and mature skin with sunscreen is Lancôme Hydra Zen SFP 30 Fluid.

Lancôme never disappoints, and this super light textured cream will be great if you have mature skin that you want to preserve and also offers sunscreen.

As you know, one of the problems with sunscreens is that the greater the protection shield, the denser and more oily the creams are. This, to me, is the perfect balance between a high SFP (of 30) while being effective against the effects of aging on the skin.

I’m looking forward to trying another one from Lancôme that looks great, the Genifique, but until then, this is one of my favourites, not only for mature oily or combination skin but in general.

In this article you have my detailed analysis of Lancôme SFP 30 Hydra Zen Fluid. By the way, they have changed the packaging, and now they sell it in jar instead of tube, but the product is the same.

I hope this selection of my 4 best moisturisers for mature combination skin has guided you a little. I didn’t want to put out an endless list with which we end up more lost than when we started, so that’s why I wanted to limit to only four products.

I hope to see you here very soon. From today I will return to my usual rhythm of publishing once a week, but it has been a pleasure to throw myself fully into the blog and write daily, because I had a lot of things I wanted to talk about.

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