The 4 best moisturisers for young combination skin

Las mejores cremas hidratantes para piel mixta joven

In today’s post I bring you my ranking of best moisturisers for young combination skin. Sometimes shiny, sometimes lacking hydration, and no visible signs of aging. That’s the type of skins we address in today’s article.

I have chosen this category of creams because I have experience with them. I have a combination skin, with an oily tendency and during my youth, I have tried many moisturisers.

If your skin is at a stage where it needs a more advanced treatment, I recommend the post about best creams for combination but mature skin.

The creams I am going to focus on today are characterized by being moisturizing, and do not contain anti-aging active ingredients. That is, they are not creams that will fight wrinkles or lack of firmness.

They are simply “basic” creams that will help us keep the skin hydrated on faces with the characteristic that the complexion already has some oil. That’s why I’m going to talk about those that do not produce shine or generate more fat.

When I talk about young skin I mean skin under 25 years old. Why this age? Because this is the approximate average age at which the skin begins to show the first signs of aging.

At this age I started my specific anti-aging care. But until then, all the skin needs is cleansing, hydration and a lot of pampering. Nothing else. There is no need to invest in expensive formulas. What matters is to help the skin to regenerate properly so that it can carry out its cell renewal processes correctly.

And of course, it is worth remembering that proper internal nutrition and hydration are the basis for beautiful and youthful skin.

How to moisturize dehydrated combination skin?

When we have two types of skin in a very concentrated area, such as the skin of the face, we inevitably have the problem of imbalance. We need creams that moisturize enough to keep tightness at bay but at the same time do not generate more shine.

For this we have to look for formulas in lotion, preferably, or light creams. For example, if you look at the creams that come in tube format are usually more liquid than those that come in flattened jar, which have a richer and oilier texture.

Secondly, we must be careful with sunscreen. Although it is highly recommended to use SPF on a day-to-day basis, the truth is that it can generate unwanted shine. In this post I tell you what are the best moisturisers with sunscreen for oily skin from pharmacy.

If, on the other hand, you have sensitive and redness combination skin, I recommend that you read the article on how to choose a cream for sensitive and combination skin.

The best moisturisers for young combination skin

As you do not have the time to read endless posts and I do not have time to write them, I am going to focus only on my favourite creams specific for combination skin and I will tell you briefly why I have chosen each one for each category.

The best moisturiser for young combination skin with sun protection

As I said, finding a moisturiser with sunscreen that does not add more shine to the skin is difficult. That’s why I recommend the Galénic Aqua Urban Invisible Shield moisturiser.

It has a velvety texture that I find very interesting. In addition, it provides some color, so we can use it as a makeup base.

In this post I tell you my opinion about Galénic Aqua Urban Invisible Shield.

The best moisturiser for young combination skin from pharmacy

You know that I really like pharmacy cosmetics, since it generates more confidence. These are usually cosmetics with less marketing and high-quality products.

Therefore, if you are looking for a cream within this category and that does not generate more shine, I recommend Clinique’s Moisture Surge gel. It moisturizes a lot and the gel texture makes it super fresh.

In this article I tell you my opinion about Clinique’s Surge Moisture Gel.

The best moisturiser for combination and sensitive young skin

If the type of your skin makes you look for sensitivity-proof formulas, I recommend the moisturizing Hydrance UV Light Moisturizing Emulsion SPF30 from Avène.

With a protection factor quite something, it is a good alternative, also pharmacy.

The complete review of the Hydrance UV Light Moisturizing Emulsion SPF30 from Avène you have it in the link.

Check well when buying, since there is an exactly the same version of this cream but for dry skin.

The best natural and vegan moisturiser for young combination skin

If you bet on natural formulas like me, which have the plus of being vegan and do not generate irritation or shine, the Aloe Vera Day Moisturizing Cream for combination skin from Nezeni can not miss in your toiletry bag.

It is enriched with organically grown aloe vera collected in our country, in addition to several other ingredients that soothe, deeply moisturize and leave the skin very soft and juicy.

Its consistency is very light and refreshing, and its glass packaging is sustainable! It also has other moisturiser options for different skin types and needs. I love this cream because Nezeni provides something that you will not find in other brands on the market: a very pampered formula that omits any ingredient that may be harmful, and that has few preservatives, so that nothing can harm you now or in the future.

This is my pick of the best moisturisers for combination young skin. Here you have a specific article for moisturisers for mature combination skin.

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