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I’ve been testing two GHD heat protectants: the heat protectant Spray and the Straight and Smooth Spray, and I’m going to tell you my opinion. You know I love everything hair care. And my goal this year is to have it super healthy and beautiful, despite the damaged caused by highlights. I’m so determined that I’ve even put a hashtag on the subject: #objetivoRapunzel. But I’m going to stop beating around the bush, let’s move on to the review!

Well, here we go: a friend gave me two heat protectants from GHD, the premium brand of flat irons and hair dryers. They are the Heat Protect Spray and the Straight and Smooth Spray. I was very happy to give them a try because I was not using any product of this type, and I always use a dryer in every wash, and now also irons, needed a good heat protection product.


Heat Protect Spray

The Heat Protect Spray is a heat protection spray that works as a barrier against damage caused by styling tools. You can use it for both a smooth finish and curly a wavy.

Straight and Smooth Spray

The Straight and Smooth Spray is a heat protectant that also controls frizz and keeps it straight. That is, it protects, just like the other product, but this one also controls frizz.

How to use each heat protectant

Both Heat Protect and Straight and Smooth are used by spraying the hair in the middle and ends, avoiding the root so as not to grease it.

They recommend 6 to 8 sprays for medium to long hair. What I do is divide the hair into 4 or 5 sections and throw about 3 sprays in each section. It is also true that I have a lot of hair, but from 6 to 8 seems little.

I use Heat Protect when I wear wavy hair. I apply it with wet hair, after washing it and before drying it with a dryer and making the waves with the iron.

I use the Straight and Smooth when I wear straight hair, which is most of the time, because that’s when I’m most interested in keeping it frizz-free and straight. I apply it the same, after washing it, on wet hair and before brushing with the dryer.

Where to buy GHD hair products?

On the GHD page you have both products available. I have also seen, by the way, that the Straight and Smooth have it in serum version. I have not tried it though.

How to use the GHD styling products.

First of all, I have to talk about the smell. Both products smell exactly the same: expensive hairdressing. And I love it! I would not know how to describe what kind of product it is, I would only say that it seems high-end to me.

The packaging of the products also accompanies: the design is elegant, the material from which it is made is of quality, and the sprayer works perfectly.

When using them, neither the Heat Protect Spray nor the Straight and Smooth Spray cake the hair or grease it, not a little. They’re super lightweight.

Finally, the fact that they come in spray format makes them quite comfortable and easy to apply.


Sometimes it is difficult to see the effectiveness of some hair products, but in this case it is quite clear. Let’s see, I’ll tell you why.

In England it takes a lot, even if it is summer, and all day that humid environment is maintained. At first I was annoyed a lot because sometimes I had to use the iron between washing and washing and I don’t like having to do it at all. In the end I got used to it…

Overall, there is a lot of humidity and since I use the Straight and Smooth I notice a lot of the difference because the hair hardly frizzes. And if in addition to that the product protects from heat, then great.

As for the Heat Protect Spray, it obviously doesn’t do anything about frizz, but I think it does help your hair stay healthier even if you use heat tools. How do I notice it? I see the ends shinier, less open when I finish drying my hair.

My general opinion on GHD heat protectants

I like it a lot, especially the Straight and Smooth, because it makes my super thick hair not frizzy so much. And I’m in a climate that’s testing it but on the basis of good.

In the blog I talk about many products and many of them I like, but if I had to make a ranking, at least hair products the Straight and Smooth would be the first. Yes, that’s right, look at what I liked.

In fact I talk about him in this post about what I consider the best products for bleached hair.

Changing the subject a bit, I’m trying to blog twice a week. I’m still in test mode, let’s see if I’m able to keep up. I have a lot of skincare, makeup and hair products that in the end I never get to talk about, then they run out and I stay with the desire.

Before buying any product I like to document myself well and know how it works, so I think that my advice, even if I am not a hair or aesthetic professional, can come in handy to other people.

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Anyway, I hope we’ll see you in a few days. Take care of yourselves a lot!

Deliria Rose

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