My review on Clarins Multi-Active Jour SPF 15 cream

Multi-Active Jour SPF 15 de Clarins

Today I bring you my review about a product that I have been using for a couple of months, the Multi-Active Jour SPF 15 cream from Clarins. I tell you what it is for, how to use it, where to buy it, and of course my review of the product. Let’s go, my darlings!

As you know I like to buy matching moisturisers, that is, always the day cream with the matching night cream of the same brand. Well, in this case I chose the Multi-Active Jour fluid with SPF 15 along with the Multi-Active Nuit night cream for first wrinkles.

In this review I will be talking about the cream in its fluid version, not the standard version. They are technically called the same, so it is easy to confuse them. The difference is that this cream comes in an long bottle, with applicator, and the original comes in a normal bottle.

I bought it because it is supposed to fight the first signs of aging, and it is for all skin types. My skin is of the combination type. This cream also targets fatigue, stress, and intense days, and I was like – that’s me!

If you also have combination skin and do not know what to do with the opposite needs of your skin, do not miss the article in which I explain how to choose a cream for combination skin and also sensitive!

But let me tell you exactly what my experience has been to see if it is what you are looking for.

What is Clarins Multi Active Jour fluid for?

Clarins Multi-Active Jour SPF 15 fluid promises to fight stress, fatigue and lack of sleep.

According to the official description of the product, it is a cream in fluid version. With its technology inspired by the latest scientific advances and its plant-based composition, this anti-aging treatment promises to attenuate the first wrinkles, moisturizes the skin and prolongs the youth of the cells thanks to its SPF 15 sun protection.

In summary, the characteristics of the cream would be as follows:

  • Sun protection SPF 15.
  • Indicated for first wrinkles.
  • Moisturizes, providing luminosity and vitality.
  • For all skin types.
Clarins Multi-Active Jour SPF 15 cream
Clarins Multi-Active Jour SPF 15 Fluid Texture



The main mission of Clarins Multi-Active Jour SPF 15 cream is to provide hydration to the skin, but I do not see the skin as hydrated as I would like. I have combination skin and although as soon as I apply it everything goes well, and in fact it leaves a matte effect that I like, after a few hours I begin to notice tightness in the cheeks and around the mouth (basically everything that is not T zone).

Perhaps the problem is that I am using this cream in winter, when I need more hydration, and if I were using it in summer, I would not think the same. Maybe. Perhaps, if I had tried this cream 5 years ago, when I had somewhat oilier skin it could have worked for me. The skin changes with factors such as age or weather, and of course, what someone can do well, for another person may not be so good. This is my opinion today.

This cream reminds me of Avène’s Light UV Hydrance, only this one is only moisturizing, not anti-wrinkle, like Clarins. It is also cheaper than Multi-Active fluid. In the link you have the complete review of the product.

How to use it?

I apply Clarins Multi Active Jour cream after the serum and eye contour and as the last step before makeup.

Obviously, being a cream with sunscreen, I use it only in my day routine. At night I use its night version which is the Multi-Active Nuit. Being a product with fluid texture (remember that this cream is in fluid version, but they also have the most enriched version), it is absorbed quickly without leaving oily skin.

My opinion about the Multi-Active Jour SPF 15 from Clarins

This product is a fluid, not a cream actually. Therefore, it comes in handy for oily skin, but for combination skin like mine, it is not the ideal product. Let alone for dry skin, at least in my opinion. Perhaps if you have oily skin and are looking for a very light product, it may be worth trying.

It’s not that it’s the worst thing I’ve ever tasted, but I don’t tone that I lack elasticity, I don’t notice 100% hydrated skin. I think I should have chosen the original version of this cream, not the fluid version.

At the moment, I stay with the cream at night, the Multi-Active Nuit for first wrinkles, which I like better.

For more product reviews, visit the Beauty section of the blog. In this video I talk about the night version of this cream, the Multi-Active Nuit. You can go straight to minute 1:42:

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