How to choose a moisturiser for combination sensitive skin

Crema para piel sensible mixta

Every skin type and every age needs its moisturiser. And there are skins for which it is especially difficult to find the perfect product, because several conditions come together at the same time. That’s why today I want to share my experience on how to choose a moisturiser for combination sensitive skin beyond marketing and branding. Tips that will serve us for life.

When we talk about a mixed sensitiveskin we refer to one that presents characteristics of oily skin, such as shine or pimples and at the same time signs of dry skin, such as flaking or tightness, and is also reactive to certain ingredients. Or you know, my skin type and that of many other people.

The characteristics of oily skin are found in the “T” zone: nose, forehead and cheekbones. It is in this area where we usually see enlarged pores and shine. I recently made a specific post talking about how to treat dehydrated oily skin and open pores. The peculiarities of dry skin are seen in the area surrounding the eyes and lips and the lower part of the cheekbones.

If in addition to this we add that the skin has some sensitivity to cosmetic products, then we are facing what we call sensitive, intolerant or reactive skin. Sensitivity may occur in the form of burning, irritation, or redness when applying certain cosmetics.

What is the best moisturiser for sensitive combination skin?

Some of the brands that from experience have been more compatible with sensitive combination skin are the ones you see in the list below.

There are many more that are worthwhile. Nowadays there are more and more brands specialized in the needs of each skin that compete with traditional brands. I’m especially seeing quite a bit of movement in organic cosmetics brands.

But the truth is, I haven’t tried eco-friendly, or vegan, brands enough to be able to talk about them for sure.

In summary, these are for me the best brands of moisturisers for sensitive combination skin, but as I say, it is best for everyone to see what suits them best.

The best moisturisers for combination sensitive skin:

Avène Cleanance Mat Expert: Leaves the skin with a peach texture. 0% greasy feeling. It leaves my skin soft and very fresh. Avène uses thermal water as the main active ingredient in many of its products.

opinión sobre la Crema Cleanance Mat de Avène
Crema Cleanance Mat de Avène

Hydreane Legere de La Roche Posay: Very similar to Avène but with cream texture, not gel. Another French pharmacy brand with ingredients for intolerant skin.

opiniones de hydreane legere la roche posay  

Clinique Superdefense: This moisturiser is the best choice for combination sensitive skin with early signs of aging. It does not use fragrances or parabens.

Clinique Superdefense Review
Clinique Superdefense Review

Then apart from this moisturiser I know that they have the Redness Solutions line, which is designed specifically for skin with a tendency to redden. I had to mention it because we are talking about combination sensitive skin, but I honestly haven’t tried the range so I can’t give my opinion.

clinique redness solutions
Clinique redness solutions

How to choose a moisturiser for combination sensitive skin?

Flaking and shine at the same time. Enlarged pores and at the same time dryness. And at the same time an intolerant skin to which not everything goes well. With all this combo of alterations in the condition of the skin, a little contradictory, how can we know which moisturiser to choose for combination sensitive skin?

With so much variety of products on the market, the truth is that it’s hard to know where to start. Do I focus on reducing the feeling of oil? Or to alleviate dryness? And what ingredients should I look for?

Well, here are a series of general tips that can help us choose.

1. Choose products in gel, not cream.

The reason why you should look for moisturisers that are gel and not cream as such is because the gel produces less shine and less grease than cream cosmetics. They hydrate the same, but are lighter.

For example, a moisturisers that meets these characteristics very well is the Avène Cleanance Mat (which is the one I told you about Cleanance Mat Expert before, what happens is that they have changed the name). It is the gel cream with the most matte finish of all the ones I have tried to date. And I’ve tried many. In the link you have the review of the product.

Of course, keep in mind that gel creams do not usually include sunscreen. For some reason, the formulation of gel creams with sun protection should not be compatible. Or at least I don’t see them in the market.

The moisturiser I mentioned before, for example, when they released the version with sunscreen, the Hydrance UV SPF 30 from Avène, was no longer gel, it was in cream texture.

Therefore, if you use a gel-based or aqueous moisturiser you will have to use a separate SPF. You can, in this case, use a BB cream, foundation or powders with sunscreen. Or if on a day-to-day basis you do not usually wear makeup, you can always use a protective moisturiser directly. And no, it doesn’t matter that it’s the darkest and rainiest day of the year. Always wear sunscreen!

2. Avoid harsh chemicals and look for natural formulations.

If you use cosmetic products with synthetic ingredients, your skin is more likely to react, for obvious reasons.

That is why it is recommended that in this case you try to look for cosmetics with natural or organic ingredients. It’s also a good idea to try to look for home treatments with natural products. Here I am talking for example about masks based on honey, oils or aloe vera, which has many properties.

3. Perform a balanced cleaning. 

Wait, weren’t we talking about moisturisers? Yes, but the basis for a moisturiser to fulfill its function is that it has a clean face on which it can act.

When I talk about balanced cleansing I mean that the oily part of your face will require a deeper cleansing so that the dry part, so we must look for a middle ground.

If you have oily skin and also enlarged pores, you may be tempted to use products that are too mattifying or astringent. In the short term you will see great skin, but after a few hours the production of sebum will be greater. That is, more shine and more grease. If you’re interested, read the article on how to treat oily dehydrated skin with open pores.

If you overclean the skin of your face, the dry part can flake or react. And if you don’t clean it enough, the oilier part can prevent the cosmetic from acting properly.

As a general rule, cleaning the face twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening should be enough. And then apply the corresponding morning or night moisturiser.

4. Focus on the brands that already work for you.

One of the problems of sensitive skin is that not all skin reacts in the same way to different ingredients. Therefore, you will have to try different brands until you find one that suits you.

When you find this brand it is a good idea to focus on it is a good idea to start approving other products you have in the same range. For example, if you have tried the day moisturiser and it goes well, try the night moisturiser. Also look for what cleaning products the brand offers. Whatever composition they are using, they will most likely use the same ingredients in the rest of the products in the range.

Some brands that work well for sensitive skin are those of French pharmacy, such as La Roche-Posay, Galénic, Vichy or Avène.

What is the best anti-wrinkle moisturiser for sensitive combination skin?

So far I have given you general tips to take care of this type of combined skin. But if in addition to this we take into account the age factor and we want to look for a moisturiser that is also anti-wrinkle it will be somewhat more complicated. Why? Because the cosmetic ingredients that are used to fight against the signs of aging are usually somewhat aggressive with the skin.

These moisturisers are effective because they reduce fine lines or reduce blemishes, but to achieve this effect they usually require stronger active ingredients than the simple glycerin that standard moisturisers have.

For this reason, my advice is to start looking for the brands that work for your moisturiser. All of them have ranges of anti-aging care that will hopefully be more gentle with the needs of your sensitive combination skin.

If you follow this series of guidelines it should be easier for you to find your ideal moisturiser for combination and sensitive skin.

However, I leave below a recommendation of an anti-wrinkle cmoisturiserream for combination sensitive skin, only as an example.

Aloe Vera Day Moisturizing moisturiser for sensitive skin from Nezeni Cosmetics

The Aloe Vera day moisturiser for sensitive skin from Nezeni has a high concentration of organically grown aloe vera, so its texture is very light and does not grease or leave residue on the skin. On the contrary, it leaves it soft, mattified and fresh. It is specifically designed for normal to combination skin, but its natural and hypoallergenic formula is free of any irritant or harmful compound; Moreover, it has very few preservatives to guarantee its safety. Get long-lasting hydration and increased elasticity to fight the first signs of aging.

And whether you find your ideal moisturiser or not, remember that beauty and cosmetics is a learning experience. You must learn to recognize the signals your skin sends you: what is good and what is not. Trust marketing and online advice in a generic way, but only you are able to decide which products are worthwhile and which are not.

And now, I encourage you to start your search and to take care of and pamper your skin as it deserves.

In this video you can see how to follow a skin care routine at night and in what order to use each cosmetic product:

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Be happy!

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