Clip hair extensions: my personal experience

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Do you wonder why my hair seems to change length from day to day? Does my hair grow very fast? Is it old photos? Today I tell you the secret behind all of these changes! And it is nothing more than clip hair extensions – my honest review about these removable extensions.

I explain what my personal experience has been with clip hair extensions. I’ve worn them seasonally since 2017, almost 3 years ago, but I’ve never talked much about it until now. I made a post about the change of look when I first wore them but I have not really mentioned them again during these years.

If you are thinking of buying natural clip extensions to give a different touch to your look, it is important that you inform yourself first, because in addition to not being exactly cheap, they require some maintenance. When I started wearing them, I didn’t really know everything they would entail, so I think talking a little about them can be useful to other people.

In this post I tell you more in detail my opinion about natural hair extensions. And also this one I talk about the permanent extensions of micro ring.

My experience with clip extensions

I was very happy with my hair over my shoulder. Really. I had been with him for exactly 6 months and I thought it was a fresh, different and super comfortable look.

However, the other day walking through the mall I decided to stop at a little store that always caught my attention but where I never entered. Well, I went in. I tried some extensions just to see the effect, to try nothing else.

But as soon as they put them on me, everything changed immediately. I fell in love with them instantly. As I had no idea at all to start using natural extensions I told the advisor that thank you and that I would think about it, so I went to continue with my purchases.

Natural extensions
Extensionmanía Natural Clip Extensions

But I kept thinking about extensions. So long, so beautiful… So I came back, determined to buy them. I left the store super happy (although with much less money in my pocket). The color was exactly that of my hair and they blended very well with it. In addition, in the store they cap them and comb your hair so that the effect is perfect.

Now, how am I doing with them after the fantastic first day? Well, let’s see, my idea is to take them daily, not reserve them only for special occasions, and at the moment they do not affect my daily life at all.

Of course, when I go to the gym I take them off and keep them in fades so they do not spoil and so I can sweat as much as I want and I have more freedom. Other than that, like normal hair.

They are natural clip extensions. They are put on as if they were hairpins. It takes 5 minutes to put them on and they don’t move during the day. Depending on the look you want to get they will give you more or less sections. I carry four sections of extensions, and I always place them in the same areas of the head, let’s say making two rows.

The bottom row has an extensions section, and in the top row I carry two extension sections. Because it is the widest part of the head.

Where did I buy them and how much do they cost? I bought them at Extensionmania. From what I see it is a franchise that is mainly found in shopping centers and is one of the main brands of extensions in Spain.

My opinion about Extensionmanía

They have an online store, but I definitely recommend approaching a physical store to try the hairpiece that most resembles your hair. If you want to buy hair extensions it is better to do it well, because they are not exactly cheap.

As for the price, they cost me € 155 and I get three pieces, a large one medium and a small, which are worth to cover the entire head.

I also bought the special shampoo and mask for 15€. Although later I have read on the internet that you can use other non-specialized products, but I at that time did not know it. I was told that the warranty did not cover possible defects if you did not wash the extensions with their shampoo. That the truth is that it does not make much sense, but good.

How to place clip extensions?

You divide the hair in two at the height of the ears. At the top you will have some more hair. Right in that division you place the first strip of extensions (of 3 clips).

You make another division just above, like a couple of fingers above. And there you place the second strip of extensions (the other of 3 clips).

You make the third and final division one or two fingers higher. Here you place the extensions section that consists of four clips.

In this way you will get the three layers of extensions that you have uniforms look beautiful and leave a little layer effect.

What to do if your extensions curl

If your clip extensions have become curled, first of all, consider whether you’re washing them too often. Once you have found the optimal washing frequency you can use moisturizing masks when you wash them. And if you want to use a treatment for your dry extensions what you can do is use a serum.

Split-ended serums other specific styling products will do very well to keep extensions hydrated and frizz-free.

How long do clip extensions last?

It depends a lot on the use you give them. If you use them daily they will be more exposed to breaking or the clips being damaged before.

The first signs that the extensions are spoiling and that you should change them is that the ends will open, just like your hair since it is natural hair.

Another sign that they begin to spoil is that they will dry out over time and will look a little more curled.

A third point to keep in mind when seeing if we should replace our clip extensions is to look at the area of the forks or clips. This is the part of the extensions where the hair is sewn to the threads, and it is very delicate. Over time they can fray.

My opinion on clip extensions: Are they worth it or not?

I love hair extensions in general. I think they give a super glamorous effect to the hair.

They provide a lot of volume and are very beautiful, but I think I would not wear them again on a daily basis. I have been replacing the extensions over time, but I only use them for some special photo shoots, for events or for when I want to do a hairstyle, because for example, bows or collected ones are much better when you do them with extensions.

So, yes, I’m in favor of extensions but I wouldn’t wear clip extensions on a day-to-day basis again. If I wanted to have extra long hair again, I would wear sewn or permanent extensions.

I hope my opinion about natural clip extensions has helped you if you are considering extensions.

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A huge hug and happy week! 🙂

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