My opinion on micro ring extensions

Mi opinión sobre las extensiones de micro ring

I’ve been with fixed extensions for a year now, and I’ve lived everything with them. So today I tell you my opinion about micro ring extensions.

I used to use clip extensions. I bought them in Spain, in Extensionmania. But I hadn’t thought about it anymore. I decided to put on the perms to gain length, weight and color. I’ve been with them for a year and I’ll tell you my experience.

My personal experience and what micro ring extensions I wear

I wear extensions of 24 inches or 61 cm. In Spain the most similar standard length for hair extensions is 65 cm.

The extensions I wear are from the Beauty Works brand, which here in the United Kingdom is very top.

Specifically they are the following: extensions of Beauty Works of 24 inches / 61 cm. 3 packs of 50 grams each. Colours: Bohemian Blonde and Champagne Blonde. Type of extensions: stick tips (which in Spain are staple).

Putting on the nano ring extensions

My opinion on micro ring extensions

Micro ring extensions, also called ring or staple extensions are a type of permanent extension of hair. Nano ring extensions and micro loop extensions are extremely similar, and we could include them in this category of fixed hair extensions.

At the time I told you about my opinion about clip extensions, when I wore them in their day. If that’s the kind of extension you’re interested in, better read that post.

If you want to know what other types of permanent extensions exist, first read the article about fixed extensions and what you should know before putting them on.

Micro ring extensions are loose strands of hair that come stuck together and are placed in the hair through a very small ring. In English ring it is ring, and hence the name. This ring is also known as staple, so we can also find them under that name.

On the other hand we also have the micro loop extensions. These come a hook (loop) already attached to the tuft of hair.

Then we have the nano rings, which are like the micro rings I wear, but with the strand even smaller.

What is the difference between the micro ring extension and the micro loop extension?

Micro loop extensions come with a hook that makes them easier to place over the natural strand of hair. Micro rings don’t come with a built-in hook. The stylist has to put the wick in each ring. They take less time to install, but the result is the same. Both micro loops and micro rings are a type of ring extension.

Advantages of micro ring extensions

The biggest advantage of micro ring extensions is that no adhesives or glues are used so there is no risk of causing damage to the hair or scalp.

And then when removing them, no glue solvents are needed, as is the case with other types of permanent extensions.

Another thing I like is that they are very discreet, and come great for making pickups or high pigtails. In general, all fixed extension methods when the placement is made of loose hair extensions, are more discreet. Of course, it also takes more work to place them.

Being placed by individual tufts, they are hardly noticeable. It gives me a lot of freedom and I love that.

In addition, like the individual sewn, staple extensions are the easiest when washing hair.

Disadvantages of micro ring extensions

One of the drawbacks of this type of extensions, apart from the time it takes to apply (between 3 and 7 hours), is that they are the most expensive type of extension.

The price of natural hair extensions in staples is approximately 400 € + 75 € application. This is an average indicative price calculated based on an average weight (100gr) and average length (22 inches).

Hair extensions are a product for which I have seen a brutal difference in prices between different beauty salons, so I recommend that you walk around different places and ask for quotes before committing.

Also remember that every 2 or 3 months you will have to pay for maintenance, which costs the same as the first application (about € 75).

My opinion on extensions for curly hair

My hair is wavy in nature and sometimes I am asked how they would work on curly hair.

In my opinion the extensions on curly natural hair do not end up giving a very natural result. You will always have to wear the hair combed with heat tools so that it is with the same texture as the hair of the extension. And for some reason I haven’t seen extensions of natural curly hair yet.

How long do micro ring extensions last?

When they installed them they told me that they could last me up to 9 months to buy new hair. Maintenance would have to be every 8 or 10 weeks.

However, in my personal experience they can last much longer.

For the last maintenance I went to a different hair salon and was told that the extensions were in excellent condition and could last me at least a year without any problems.

I was also told that it was not necessary to do such frequent maintenance. Raising the extension every 3 months (12 weeks) would be enough. I am about to meet that date: 3 months since my last touch up and I am satisfied. The extension is not seen to me, nor has it fallen for being like this 3 months.

I believe that if you take good care of them and don’t abuse them much, they can be kept well for a long time. Looking on the internet, it seems that virgin hair extensions can last up to 2 years.

As for the placement of the micro ring extensions, although initially I was recommended every two months and in another salon they told me that every 3 was more than enough, I think it also depends a lot on the speed at which your hair grows. After that time they can raise them so that they are close to the scalp again. You can reuse them as long as the hair is still in good condition.

How to put micro ring hair extensions?

Micro ring extensions are applied by placing the strand over the strand of natural hair through a hook. Just like threading a thread on a needle. Once the two strands of hair are together inside the ring, the ring is crushed with pliers to fix them.

In the case of people with little experience placing extensions, micro loop extensions are the most recommended, since they come with the ring to make them easier to place.

In the video below you can see how these extensions are placed on me.

How to remove micro ring hair extensions?

To remove the micro ring extensions we must open the ring by pressing on the crushed side so that the two strands of hair can be released.

If we are doing maintenance we must remove all the extensions and then put them back where they were.

If we are removing them permanently, the withdrawal procedure is the same.

Hair extension specialists

One of my biggest problems with extensions is that I travel a lot between England and Spain and I can’t find a site in Spain where they specialize in extensions.

In my city, Salamanca, which is where I am when I travel to Spain, I have not found specialists in hair extensions.

In the last maintenance I had a small problem with the extensions. I did it in a salon in Spain that I had never tried for extensions. They removed them without problem as usual, but when it came to placing them back in my hair, something happened that had never happened to me.

When I got home I noticed that my hair was starting to fall out. I didn’t drop the full extension, but loose hairs fell out.

I was horrified because I had no idea what was going on.

After 24 hours I went back to the living room to consult him and they did not know why it was happening.

The problem apparently was that the keratin that binds the hairs inside each strand had dissolved. What they did to solve it is to select the extensions that were worse, those that were slipping and releasing from the staple, to tie them with thread.

Once tied, they attached them to my natural hair with invisible thread.

Total, that right now, although in most of the hair I wear staple extensions, in some parts of the hair I actually wear thread extensions. The extensions are tied.

If anyone knows why this happened, please tell me. You can contact me facially through Instagram or even in comments on Youtube.

Do ring extensions damage hair?

In my opinion, micro ring extensions are the ones that cause the least damage to the hair, because they are attached to your hair with metal rings, no glues.

You also don’t need heat tools, as in the case of keratin.

Cheap micro ring extensions

If you are thinking of buying the micro ring extensions to apply and in the hairdressing commercials you do not find very competitive prices you can always look at Amazon. Providers vary greatly, but it’s the best way to find cheap micro ring extensions.

I hope this post about my opinion about micro ring extensions has been useful if you are considering wearing them. In short, although I personally have had my scares with them, they seem to me the most recommended type of hair extension and I would choose them again if I had to wear them from scratch.

A hug,

Deliria Rose

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