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Hello my darlings! Today I share with you my review about L’Oréal’s Excellence Pure Blonde hair dye. One of the most popular drug store dyes for intense hair color lifting.

I’m going to tell you firstly what my color is and why I use this super lightening dye from L’Oréal for. This way you can assess your personal situation and see if it works for you or not. Specifically I am using here the Pure Blonde 01 Ultra Light Natural Blonde tone.

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My review on the super lightening dye of L’Oréal 01 Natural Light Blonde

I bought this dye in order to tone some highlights at home. My base was a hair with highlights and with a 7.1 base dye. In the photo below you will see better what the base is. I have wet hair because the highlights are freshly applied.

My goal was to remove the yellow from the highlights and tone up the existing dye a little.

L’Oréal Pure Blonde Excellence dyes are a range of permanent colouring available in 2 shades:

Permanent Dye Pure Blonde 01 Ultra Light Blonde Natural

L'Oreal Paris Excellence Coloracio?n Creme Triple Proteccio?n, Tono 01 Rubio Ultra Claro Natural

Permanent Dye Pure Blonde 02 Ultra Light Blonde Golden

Permanent Dye Pure Blonde 02 Ultra Light Blonde Golden

There used to be a permanent Dye Pure Blonde 03 Ultra Light Blonde Ash but it is now discontinued.

This is the 01, that is, the natural or intermediate tone. The reason I chose this dye is that I didn’t need to correct a yellow or virgin color that pulled orange, but simply dragged the yellowish residue from the freshly given highlights. They were pretty white, so they didn’t need much more.

L’Oréal Pure Blonde Excellence dyes fall within the category of super lightening permanent dyes, as they lighten up to 4 shades. The mark does not indicate the volume of developer, but it may be somewhat higher than normal. Maybe it’s 30-volume water instead of 20 which is standard.

This cream colour offers extra protection to the hair and is available in various shades of blonde. Contains ceramide, ionene G and collagen. It protects hair before, during and after coloring and is designed to cover gray hair.

01 is the Pure Blonde Permanent Dye shade 01 Ultra Light Natural Blonde is L’Oréal’s lightest blonde.

L’Oréal has other shades of blonde apart from these three super lighteners, but they do not lift up too much. The other shades of blonde are:

10 – Light blonde

9.3 – Very light golden blonde

9.1 – Very light ash blonde

9 – Very light blonde

8.3 – Golden light blonde

8.1 – Light ash blonde

8.03 – Divine Blonde

8 – Light blonde

7.3 Golden blonde

7.1 – Ash blonde

7 – Blonde

I chose the 01 color because it is a very light blonde (the lightest in L’Oréal), and so I did not cover the highlights. I chose this intermediate tone because the highlights were already very white, and if I had given an ash I would have been gray.

I only needed to remove the last residue of yellow that was left to the discolored strands.

In the post how to tone up highlights I tell you in detail how I do it and other dye options I use. I don’t always use this dye for nuance.

My review on L’Oréal’s Excellence Pure Blonde 01 dye

In the photos you can clearly see the before and after. A picture is worth a thousand words! As you can see, it removes the yellow reflections of the highlights, but does not provide ash nuance.

For that, we would have to use the Permanent Dye Pure Blonde 03 Ultra Light Blonde tone instead of 01.

Before and After - Excellence Pure Blonde by L'Oréal
Before and After – Excellence Pure Blonde by L’Oréal

Color-wise, not bad for being a supermarket dye. It gets rid of yellow reflections relatively well. Obviously the nuance of the color is a bit basic, but it is okay if all you want is that it is not too yellow.

However, the most positive thing about this dye is not really the color but how soft it is with the hair. If I notice that it is softer after applying it. And since I have bleached hair, anything that helps me reduce the damage is good for me.

Excellence Pure Blonde

In summary, in my review this dye is good if you want to make a color at home in a simple way and that raises enough tones. There is no ash left but neither does it throw yellow. Within what is supermarket coloring, it has a reasonable value for money.

I can not tell you if it lifts up well on virgin hair, since this time I have used it on a hair already dyed.

How is L’Oréal Excellence applied?

This dye is basically applied like any other. It includes developer (the developer), so it is not necessary to buy it separately. In addition, it includes a pre-coloration care serum and also a post-coloration mask.


1. Apply the protective serum to dry, unwashed hair.

2. Mix the entire tube of coloring cream in the bottle of developer cream (developer).

4. Close the bottle and shake.

5. Apply the dye. You can pour into a bowl and apply it with a dye brush or you can use the bottle and comb that come included.

6. Apply the product on the root and then move to tips. Leave on for 20-30 minutes.

7. Rinse your hair with water and wash it as usual.

8. Optionally, apply the mask.

I hope this post with my review of L’Oréal’s Excellence Pure Blonde 01 dye has helped you if you are thinking of dyeing at home.

See you here very soon with more beauty content.

Lots of love,

Deliria Rose

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