LVL lashes: the before and after

Permanente de pestañas después

Hello darlings! Today I am going to talk about a treatment that I have done recently and that I had in mind for some time now. It is the LVL lashes: the before and after.Is it worth it or not?

The thing is, if you look at any makeup look on Pinterest or Instagram it’s hard to find one that doesn’t include super eyelashes. And I, who love exaggerated drag queen style eyelashes, wondered what exactly beauty treatment was the one that left those beautiful eyes.

Well, there are basically two different treatments when it comes to eyelashes. On the one hand, we have the extensions, which consist of adding hairs to your natural eyelash. On the other hand, we have the LVL, which stands for Lenght, Volume and Lift, and lifts and curls of eyelashes, which in general work only with your natural lashes. The latter are more careful with your eyes, faster and cheaper, but the effect is less powerful.

LVL lashes: before and after

Sorry because I forgot to take pictures just before the treatment, so I had to look for others where I did not wear false eyelashes. It’s been hard for me! And find a photo without makeup was impossible, unfortunately. This is the most natural photo I’ve ever found:

Before the lash LVL
Before the lash LVL

Before treatment the eyelash looks flatter and with lighter tips. In the photo the color is not appreciated because I wear mascara. Again, sorry! The mascara I wear in this photo, by the way, is the Hypnose Drama Midi by Lâncome.

Lash LVL afterwards
After the permanent of eyelashes

If you notice, after the treatment of permanent eyelashes the natural eyelash looks more curved from the root, which makes it look more raised. Then, as you can see, the hair is black from root to tip.

What is lash LVL?

The lash LVL consists of curling the natural eyelash, especially at the base so that it looks more raised and optically looks longer. A kind of curl is used that is placed at the base of the tab and a product is applied to take shape.

Normally this process is done in conjunction with eyelash dye, which is nothing more than darkening the eyelash permanently.

The total duration of treatment, permanent plus dye, is one hour.

How much lash LVL cost?

In the beauty center where I did it, it cost 35 pounds. In Spain it costs approximately the same, but in euros, starting at about 35 euros.

How long does it last?

The eyelash LVL lasts between 4 and 6 weeks, depending on your natural growth cycle.

Lash LVL

The eyelash perms are usually done together with a dye. Thus, the tab in addition to gaining length, optically, looks thicker and denser. But keep in mind that they are different treatments.

The dye is made after you have done the LVL.

LVL gone too curly

LVL gone too curly
LVL gone too curly

So far the description of what is the permanent of eyelashes in general. Now I tell you how my experience was. The thing is, everyone seems to want to have very curly eyelashes, which is fine if you have short eyelashes. However, in my case this is not the case. My eyelashes are quite long naturally, although flat. What has happened then is that the permanent eyelashes has left them too curly for my liking.

The eyelashes are so curly that they bump against the top of my eyelid. And they tickle. And they don’t make a very nice effect, because they bend. However, I have to say in the early days the effect of excessive ripple was more intense. And after a couple of weeks with them they have been going down and look more natural. They almost don’t hit the eyelids anymore, but I’ve had to wait two weeks for them to have the perfect curl.

After care

After the eyelash perm I have not done any specific aftercare.

I was told, only to avoid saunas, vapors and water directly on the face within 24 hours of treatment, but that’s it.

I went to do the permanent just the day before they closed everything due to lockdown, so I have not worried too much about them either. I’ve treated them like I’m not wearing anything, because I haven’t left the house since.

I have washed my face normally, I have used all my cosmetic products on a regular basis. I do the same thing I would if I didn’t wear the perm. After three weeks I almost see some are falling and the curl loses some strength, but within normal.

What is the difference between eyelash lifting and perm?

There are many people who wonder if permanent eyelashes is the same as lifting. The point is no. Although they are very similar treatments, it is not exactly the same.

The eyelash lift basically uses stronger products to curl the eyelash . Specifically, a gel and an adhesive are applied so that the natural hair is maintained for longer. The facelift usually lasts more than 8 weeks, while the permanent lasts 4 to 6 weeks.

My opinion on the treatment

Will I repeat with the lash LVL? First of all, I have to say that my eyelashes are long in themselves. Despite this, I apply mascara every day. I can not go out without concealer of dark circles and a touch of mascara. That’s the reason why I decided to do the eyelash perm.


What I like about eyelash perm is that I don’t have to apply mascara on a day-to-day basis. And I save myself a step in the morning, which is to apply it. And a step at night, which is to remove makeup from the eyelashes. You know that if you do not remove eye makeup carefully, rubbing aggressively can generate crow’s feet.


What I don’t like so much about eyelashes perm is that they are so raised that they bump into the eyelid and bend. Therefore, if you have rather short eyelashes or the tip is away from your eyelid when you have your eyes open, it may go well. But if you have long eyelashes by nature the eyelash perm may overwhelm them.

That is, actually what I liked about this treatment is not the permanent itself but the eyelash dye that I applied later.

Therefore, I am considering for the next visit to the salon, ask only for eyelash dye, and curl them at home with the help of a curling iron. So I do not know how to lift so much, but you will not need to use mascara. And also, this way I avoid the use of chemicals that are used in the perm.

I hope this has helped you see what the before and after of a permanent eyelash is like. You decide if it is worth it or not.

Lots of love,

Deliria Rose

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