My opinion about Nezeni anti-wrinkle night cream with retinol

Mi opinio?n sobre crema de noche antiarrugas con retinol de Nezeni

Hello darlings! This week I bring you the review of the anti-wrinkle night cream with retinol from Nezeni Cosmetics.

This is a bit of a special post, since it was not me who did the review, but my mom.

This is a product that she has been testing, as it is indicated for skin over 50 years old. I have asked him his opinion on all the aspects that I usually value in a product, and I tell you what he thinks about this cream.

By the way, you know that in the photo I leave for this time, but I want to make more posts about products for mature skin with it. So I hope she is encouraged to finally appear in a photo and that you know her.

For reference, she is 64 years old and has a combination skin type that was combination but at this time increasingly tends to dryness.

As a format, I loved having my mother as a contributor to the blog. I think it is very important to value products taking into account the type of skin on which they are applied and age. So let me tell you all about it!

Description of Nezeni anti-wrinkle night cream with retinol

Product TypeCream
FunctionFirming effect
Skin typesNormal, Fat
Morning or evening routineNight

How to use Nezeni anti-wrinkle night cream with retinol

This cream is formulated with retinol.

As you know, retinol is a very popular ingredient in cosmetics but it can be a bit aggressive if not used correctly.

Retinol has a firming effect. Fights sagging skin and remodels the facial egg. That is, that lack of firmness that has appeared with age and that causes the skin to fall due to the effect of gravity.

To use retinol correctly and not fall into unwanted effects, we must use it only at night.

Products with retinoids (retinoic acid, retinol or others) have to be applied at night, and they lose their effect when used in sunlight. Also, you should always keep the jar away from sunlight and too high temperatures.

First, apply the product to clean, dry skin. To do this, first cleanse the skin with a lotion, gel or mousse, or any other product depending on the routine you follow.

You can use a serum before this treatment, but it’s important that it doesn’t contain retinol or retinoids.

Once the skin is ready, apply a thin layer of product in circular motions until absorbed.

Price and where to buy Nezeni anti-wrinkle night cream with retinol

This cream is sold from the Nezeni website and has a price of € 44.90.

Anti-wrinkle night cream with retinol Nezeni 50
Anti-wrinkle night cream with retinol Nezeni 50

If you have sensitive skin and think that this product may be too intense, they also have the option for sensitive and dry skin, based on Bakuchiol retinol.

Review of Nezeni Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream with Retinol

Now, let’s see what my mother’s opinion is regarding this cream.

First of all, if we look at the application, the product does not produce irritation when applying it.

The texture it has is light cream and absorbs very quickly.

With certain treatment creams, like this one, whose function is not to provide hydration at the moment but to combat other types of problems, we could use a moisturiser to complete. But please, this should be a very simple cream without any other ingredients that can react with retinol.

In this case my mother did not feel it was necessary to add an extra layer of hydration. It does not leave a dry feeling.

The immediate effect can not be appreciated, but after continued use the skin rises the next morning more regenerated and turgid. Which fits with its function of bringing firmness to the skin of the face.

However, I would recommend that you start with retinol little by little. Try one day, rest the next, and if you do not notice irritation, you can start using it every night. As I say, it is a powerful ingredient but it can be irritating.

So far our review today with our new collaborator. I hope you found your opinion of Nezeni’s anti-wrinkle cream helpful.

See you very soon with a new post. And meanwhile, see you in networks, darlings:





Lots of love,

Deliria Rose