My review on St Moriz Professional Self-tanner Fast Tanning Mousse

My review on St Moriz Professional Self-tanner Fast Tanning Mousse

Hello darlings! We are already in the middle of the season of self-tanners. And today I bring the review of a product I’ve been testing: my opinion on the St Moriz Professional Fast Tanning mousse self-tanner.

It’s going to be a short review, but I wanted to do it anyway because there is something that has surprised me a lot about this St Moriz self-tanner and I wanted to share it with you.

If you’re still looking for self-tanners and are open to options, read the article on the best self-tanners ever, with a selection of the best ones I’ve tried.

One of the last ones I’ve tried is the self-tanning mousse from Bondi Sands, but I’ve tried many others as well.

But in this one, we are going to focus solely on the St Moriz Professional fast tanning mousse.

How to use St Moriz Professional fast tanning mousse self-tanning

This self-tanner comes in foam format, which makes it stain less than those that come in spray format.

You apply it with the help of a glove, like any other bronzer of this style. The glove is not included and you have to buy it separately.

Once applied, and beware that here comes the important thing!, you will see that it begins to take color very quickly.

In the next 3 hours the color will develop and reach its maximum.

I applied and let it progress without taking this into account. I have used dozens of self-tanners throughout my life and I have always done the same.

Well, in this case what happened and is that I went to sleep and the next morning I woke up so dark that I was scared. I had a work dinner that day and had a crazy tan on!

I don’t know how, I decided to look at the bottle then and read the instructions. (Which I should have done as soon as I bought it.) Well, as it explained, you should let the self-tanner act until the moment you see that you like the color, and when you reach that point, you have to rinse it off.

These self-tanners come with a “colour guide”, also called a “wash guide” to adapt it to what you need.

After my first panicking moment, I took a shower and although I was at the top of the colour guide, at least the colour faded away a bit.

Two days had passed between the before and after photo. The photo of the before I took on a Friday night and the after is taken on Sunday morning.

Price and where to buy

This self-tanner in foam from St Moriz Professional fast tanning is sold in many places. I leave you some options where to buy it online that usually have it cheaper.

St Moriz Professional fast tanning mousse self-tanner
St Moriz Professional fast tanning mousse

My review about St Moriz Professional fast tanning mousse self-tanning

Never before had I tried a self-tanner with color guide. At least as far as I know, because it’s clear that I don’t usually read the instructions. I liked that you can regulate the tone you acquire.

As for the smell, it has a very pleasant tropical smell at first, but after a few hours it smells like self-tanner again, like most.

In my case I stained the sheets a lot the first night, but it’s because I didn’t rinse the self-tanner as I should have done.

As for the duration, I would say that it is the most positive aspect. I’ve been with him for two weeks. The longest a self-tanner has lasted me to date. And I’m still not going to give it to me again for at least another week.

It is fading away very evenly. And in the areas where I start exfoliating it, it’s having a hard time getting it out. That means it’s pretty powerful.

Conclusion: it is an intense self-tanner that you have to regulate. You have to lighten after using it, which is a bit of a hassle, but in return the color is uniform and durable.

I hope my opinion with the self-tanner of St Moriz Professional fast tanning mousse has served you if you are looking for reviews about it.

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Lots of love,

Deliria Rose