Gotu kola and its properties for the skin

centella asiatica propiedades para la piel

Hello darlings! In this post I talk about gotu kola and its properties for the face skin. We’ll learn what it is used for when we apply it as an ingredient in our skincare routine.

You know that I love researching cosmetic ingredients and understanding what they are really applied to the skin. To then tell you briefly and simply in this blog.

My curiosity about today’s ingredient, gotu kola, arose when a friend told me about the products of the Purito brand. Apparently some of the best products on the market with gotu kola are those manufactured by this brand. And I don’t know it! So of course, I had to investigate.

To begin with, Purito is a Korean cosmetics brand, which in Spain is sold through YesStyle.

The truth is that until now I had only ordered YesStyle mainly for clothes, but the truth is that they have a lot of Korean cosmetic products. My latest video with Yes Style below:

But hey, let’s go back to Purito. The brand’s philosophy is based on sustainability. When I went through their website I thought they gave a lot of importance to using natural and quality ingredients. The products sold by Purito are vegan and cruelty-free.

Purito comes from the combination of “pure” in English and “ito” in Korean (clay).

The Centella line range is one of its main lines, and it is the one that contains, of course, gotu kola as a base ingredient. Among the products are: creams, toners, eye contours, serums, sunscreens and cleaning products. Even make-up remover discs have! Each type of product comes in different versions (with and without scent, for example).

What is gotu kola?

Gotu kola is an herb that is traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine (India) and Chinese medicine.

It is currently used, in addition to nutritional supplement, in cosmetic products. This ingredient comes in different formulations: from cleansers to creams and serums.

Gotu kola and its properties for the skin

Gotu kola has two effects on the skin. First, it makes skin tissue regenerate more easily. Secondly, it strengthens the connections between tissues.

In other words, it helps cell regeneration and firmness.

Apart from these two effects, gotu kola serves as a soothing on the skin. Therefore, its use is suitable for sensitive and atopic skin.

Benefits of Gotu Kola

First of all, applied to the skin of the face, gotu kola serves mainly as a regenerator. It helps the skin to heal and in general to restore the skin from lesions. For this reason, it is used as the main ingredient in anti-wrinkle cosmetics. We see it in serums and creams to combat the passage of age.

As we saw, it also serves to make the skin firmer. That is why it is used in cosmetic lifting effect. Perfect for mature skin that wants to improve the lack of firmness.

By helping the skin regain firmness, it is also used in body creams. Applied on the skin of the body, it is used to combat cellulite and stretch marks. The reason is that gotu kola favors the reconstruction of tissues.

You know that when cellulite and stretch marks form it is because the skin is subjected to stress or an “overload” of fat on which it cannot act fast enough. And the older we are, the greater the effect. Gotu kola helps combat this effect.

Contraindications of gotu kola

Gotu kola has contraindications when used orally. That is, in capsules or pills. However, I have not found any adverse effects on its use topically.

People who are not recommended to ingest gotu kola are those with intestinal problems and pregnant women. But as I say, this is only when it is ingested. No contraindication when it comes to skin care. At least that I could find.

What skin types should use gotu kola

Due to the type of benefits it presents, gotu kola is more suitable for mature skin that wants to combat wrinkles and also lack of firmness.

When gotu kola is combined with other moisturizing ingredients like ceramides, it becomes a perfect treatment as a day or night cream.

And in terms of skin types, we have seen that gotu kola is also suitable for sensitive and atopic skin.

So you know, mature and sensitive skin, gotu kola is your ally!

Green Level Recovery Green Eye Contour with Gotu Kola

Of all the gotu kola products of the Purito brand, one of the most famous is the Green Level Recovery Green, with gotu kola extract.

It contains gotu kola extract 49% that serves to maintain the firmness of the skin around the eyes. And in this cream they combine it with two other key ingredients: panthenol (soothing properties) and peptides (cell regeneration).

The combination of these ingredients makes it effective as an anti-aging treatment but at the same time protects the skin barrier.

However, Purito also has other products that contain gotu kola, which I mentioned at the beginning. From creams to toners, through facial cleansing products.

Other famous products of the Purito brand:

Purito Cica BB cream

The BB cream of Purito is called Cica and is a classic in the facial care of the Koreans. This comes in 7 shades and also contains gotu kola.

Purito Daily Go-To Sunscreen

This SFP 50+ sunscreen is a best-seller because it does not provide grease to the face. Perfect for the hottest days of summer and for oily skin.

If there is something that I repeat in almost every post of this blog is the importance of including sunscreen every day in our facial routine. And I tell you that I live in England and here we do not see the sun! And yet, I keep using sunscreen for a single day.

Pure Vitamin Vitamin C Serum from Purito

Vitamin C is another ingredient that works Purito. They have the cream and serum, which is the one that has received the most positive reviews to date.

This purito serum is one of the best options if you are looking for a serum based on pure vitamin C, since there are not many.

If what you want is to highlight the luminosity in the skin or eliminate spots, vitamin C is your ally, and in fact has many positive reviews.

Like all products with vitamin C, especially those of high concentration, the smell is quite strong.

I hope you found this post useful if you are looking for information about gotu kola. You know I love learning about cosmetic ingredients and understanding how they work on our skin.

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