Facial skincare routine for combination skin

Rutina cuidado facial piel mixta

Hello darlings! This week I bring you the ultimate facial care routine for combination skin. These are universal steps that you can apply to any lifestyle or preferences you have. And, of course, designed with specific products for combination skin, like mine.

At the time I made the routine day care and night facial care routine items, but these were generic, for all skin types.

Today, however, I want to focus on the needs of combination skin, as this is my skin type. You know that I have always tried to look for products and creams for combination skin, because they have very specific needs that are difficult to satisfy.

I show you first the routine of day and then that of night, since we will use specific products.

Facial skincare routine for combination skin by day


As you know, my facial cleansing routine is a step I never skip

During the day I like to use only one product since I usually go just in time. Therefore, for combination skin the step I like the most is micellar water after washing the face with water, or wash the face with a gel if I notice the oilier skin.

  • Cleansing Gel + Water: Products I use when I notice oilier skin
  • Micellar water: Suitable for all skin types. I use it after washing my face, as it would otherwise drag away the properties of micellar water.

Eye contour

Now that the rosotro is clean and prepared we must continue around the eyes. This cream is important to be applied first since it is the lightest of all the treatments that we are going to apply and is applied on a very specific area. We don’t want it to mix with other creams.

I remind you that we must apply the eye contour by gentle touches with the fingertip. And always in movements that undo the wrinkle. That is, in the area of the crow’s foot we will apply towards the eye, not from the eye towards the temple.

Right now I’m using this Nezeni eye contour. In this type of product I do not mind that it is more unctuous since it is applied on a very small area of the face.


I love to always use a serum, since it is the product with the highest concentration of actives, and the one that acts most intensely. I vary depending on what I want to try at all times, but I always try to make them serums adapted to my combination skin.

Right now I’m using this Nezeni Vitamin C serum, as I’m testing several of their products at the same time.

Day moisturiser

The next step, and the most important of the entire facial care routine, is that of the moisturiser. This can be a moisturiser without more if you have younger skin, or it can be a treatment cream if you have more mature skin. But in any case, you should always make sure that it is a cream designed especially for combination or oily skin.

If your problem is that you have two very different areas of the face, what you can do is combine different creams. Use one for oily skin in the T zone and another for dry skin in the rest of the face, for example.

I show you my choice of this moment.


During my daytime facial care routine I never skip the step of sunscreen. And we should not be afraid of shine being generated by the fact of having oily skin.

You should always use sunscreen, even if it’s winter and you live in a country where the sun doesn’t reach and you don’t leave home (i.e. my case).

The sun, although necessary, is the main cause of all the visual effects of skin aging.

My personal recommendation is to look for day creams that contain sunscreen. So I never skip this step, no matter how lazy I am.

But if this is not the case, what I do is use a makeup with SPF or apply a light sunscreen (SPF 30 for example) with small touches on the face.


Now that our skin is clean, treated and protected, we are ready to apply makeup to the face.

Facial routine for combination skin at night


My facial cleansing routine at night is as sacred as my during the day. No matter how tired I am, I always remove makeup before I go to sleep. And if I have not put on makeup, I clean my face and apply the corresponding treatments.

For night cleaning, here are my favourite options:

  • When I wear a lot of makeup: Eye makeup remover + makeup remover in face oil.
  • When I wear little makeup: Biphasic makeup remover (for eyes and face).
  • When I don’t wear makeup: Wash my face with water + micellar water.

Eye contour

The eye contour is a step that we will follow both day and night.

As I said, the skin of the eyes is thinner, so it does not matter so much to use denser or oilier creams.

Right now I’m using the same day cream as I am at night.


When it comes to a serum to use at night, I try to use those serums that I can only use at night first. By this I mean, for example, serums with retinol or other ingredients that do not do well to receive sunlight.

Night moisturiser

At night, I like to choose creams that treat a specific problem of my skin, and I don’t care so much that the texture is denser. I don’t care so much about the glitter if all I’m going to do next is go to sleep!

In this case, this is the cream I’m using right now for my evening routine.

I think it’s great for combination skin since it does not provide exesive oil, but at the same time it is effective in the driest areas of my face.

However, in addition to using a night cream suitable for your skin type, you must take into account your age.

If you have more mature skin I advise you a specific cream to treat the signs of aging.

But whatever the treatment chosen, the important thing is that you take advantage of the night to repair the damage caused to the skin during the day.

You already know that while we sleep, the skin regenerates and takes better advantage of the action of the cosmetic ingredients you are using.

I hope you found this facial care routine for combination skin useful. You already know that, in addition to taking into account the specific needs of combination skin, you must also take into account your age to use appropriate treatments.

As always, take great care of yourselves, enjoy during the process and we will see you here or on social networks very soon:





Lots of love,

Deliria Rose

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