Facial skincare routine for mature skin: dry, combination, normal or oily

Rutina cuidado facial piel madura

Hello darlings! In today’s article I present a facial skincare routine designed for mature skin. The idea came from the idea that I wanted to prepare a series of steps that my mother could easily follow. A care routine with universal steps and that we can adapt according to our skin type and preferences. I hope you like it!

With this I finish my mini-series of facial routine guides for different skin types that I have been publishing lately.

This routine is designed for skins over 50 years with visible signs of aging.

I have divided this sequence into two: the morning routine and the evening routine. The steps are almost the same, but the products are slightly different.

This cosmetic routine can be adapted to all skin types that show visible signs of aging: oily, combination, normal, dry or sensitive.

You also have available in this blog other specific facial care routines, in case you are interested:

Facial care routine for mature day skin

Step 1: Day cleansing for mature skin

As you know, cleaning is a fundamental step. For mature skin it is important to remove dead cells and dirt that has accumulated during the night so that the treatments we use during the day act effectively.

As for cleaning, the characteristic of mature skin that we must take into account is that they have become drier over time. Therefore, we must look for products that do not overdry the skin. I would avoid soaps, gels, mousses and opt for micellar waters and cleansing milks.

  • Cleansing Milk + Tonic: Perfect for dry skin
  • Micellar water: Suitable for all skin types. Do not wash your face after micellar water, as you would drag the properties of the product.

Here are two examples that you could use for your morning cleansing routine for mature skin.

Cleansing milk:

Micellar water:

Step 2: Day eye contour for mature skin

Eye creams are essential in mature skin because with them we fight bags, dark circles and crow’s feet.

As I always say, the eye contour is applied with gentle touches with the fingertip and always, always before any other serum or cream. The reason is that being such a small area we have to make sure that only the eye contour reaches that area, and we do not cover it with some other cream that we are using.

We must always perform movements that undo the wrinkle. That is, in the area of the crow’s foot we will apply towards the eye, not from the eye towards the temple.

Here is an example of anti-wrinkle eye contour that we can use as part of our routine:

Step 3: Day serum for mature skin

The serum is one of our attack strengths in an anti-aging routine. This step, both in the skincare routine of morning and night, we must take advantage of it to use products that combat the signs of aging.

Due to their consistency, serums are the most effective cosmetic products, so we cannot miss the opportunity.

This is the one I have selected for my mother as a day serum. Vitamin C is a potent anti-aging ingredient. But we should always use sunscreen when we include it in our morning routine. Very important!:

Step 4: Day moisturiser for mature skin

Day moisturisers should be treatment creams if we have more mature skin. What do I mean by this? Well, a moisturiser, without more, is not worth it. We can get much more out of this step of the facial routine looking for products that adapt to the needs of our skin.

We look carefully at the problem you would like to fight first. Is it loss of elasticity, sagging, wrinkles, blemishes, etc? Today the market offers us alternatives for all these problems, so do not settle for a basic moisturiser.

This is the option that I propose in this case as a day cream. It is an anti-wrinkle day cream for skin over 40 years:

Step 5: Sunscreen for mature skin

SPF is necessary all year round, not just in our summer facial routine mature skin. Of course, naturally, this is a step within our routine that we will only apply in our day routine.

For mature and aged skin, sun protection on the face is very important for many reasons, but above all to prevent the appearance of spots.

Always, we must use sunscreen, no matter what season of the year we are in or if we are going to leave home or not. The sun that enters through the window also acts on our skin, for better and for worse.

Step 6: Makeup for mature skin

Finally, it only remains to make up the skin if we wish. For mature skin I would recommend a light makeup that brings freshness and luminosity to the look.

I love shades of light colors and satin or with some brightness. I love the power they give to the look. Nor should we forget the illuminators on the cheeks and a touch of rouge. They seem to me the 3 essential to bring youth to the face.

Facial care routine for mature skin at night

Step 1: Night cleansing for mature skin

Within the night routine for mature skin I would recommend, again, products that dry the skin excessively.

Depending on whether or not we are wearing makeup, these are the best combinations:

  • No makeup: Face wash with water + micellar water
  • For gentle make-up removal: Eye makeup remover + cleansing milk + toner
  • For intense make-up removal: Oil or biphasic makeup remover (for eyes and face)

Here are several suggestions for products we’ve used that may work well for mature skin:

Step 2: Night eye contour for mature skin

Just like during the morning routine, using an eye contour is fundamental to our evening routine. And you should always go before any other cream or treatment.

Step 3: Night serum for mature skin

In the world of serums and oils we can find absolutely everything we need for each type of skin. The cosmetic market increasingly offers more and more specific alternatives.

However, this can make the search for the perfect anti-aging serum a bit “too much”.

What I recommend is that you look for one that suits your main need. If you’re not sure what you need, look for a generic one with anti-wrinkle or anti-aging properties if you’re over 40, and fine-tune based on the results you get.

Step 4: Night moisturiser for mature skin

As for the serum, the night is a moment that we can not miss to use treatments that combat the signs of aging.

So it is vital to use specific creams for problems that your skin may have. Focus on what you want to fight. And if you can make several cosmetics treat the same problem, all the better. For example, if your main concern is flaccidity, make all your treatments (serum and night cream) with lifting effect.

As you know, at night the skin regenerates and is more focused on healing and recovering from the damage caused during the day.

With this we would complete our facial care routine for mature skin. I find it super nice to treat each type of skin with the respect and affection it deserves, attending to the needs it may have. So do the same with yours. What does your skin tell you? Are you dehydrated? Is it turned off? Look for specific cosmetics and include them in each of the steps of the day and night routines we have listed. This way you will get a skin that ages in the most beautiful way possible.

Additionally, you know that going to an aesthetic center is a very effective way to complete our daily facial care. In this way we can combat specific problems of our skin. For example, in IMAGEN VITAL, which is a Bilogique Recherche center in Pamplona, they make a diagnosis and recommend a specific treatment for your skin at all times. They offer, for example, detoxifying, revitalizing, anti-aging or other more cutting-edge treatments such as the oxygenating VIPO2, P50 visage or the connective tissue recovery. But be that as it may, the important thing, as I always say, is that you take care of your skin according to its specific needs.

And if you want to tell me something or ask me a question, you know that you can find me in networks. I wait for you!





Lots of love,

Deliria Rose