How to remove orange color from bleached hair

Co?mo quitar el color naranja del pelo decolorado

“I’ve bleached my hair and it’s turned orange.” If you find yourself in this situation and do not know whether to fix it with dyes, toners, toners or shampoos, do not worry! Today I tell you how to remove the orange color from bleached hair. It’s easier than it sounds. The bleached hair you see in the photo also had its carrot moment!

These instructions serve you whether you have scalp bleached hair or with highlights.

Yesterday I told you how to remove the orange tone from the hair after a dye. The process is different than for bleaching, so if that’s your case, better read that post.

Why does hair turn orange after bleaching?

Let’s start at the beginning, because the hair was orange or that undesirable tone? Obviously we are talking about an ugly orange hair, which has been like this by accident.

Because a “Brave” looking hair is great if you are looking for that effect. But if your Disney princess is not Brave but Rapunzel, you have to tone up those organgy shades!

The reason why the hair turns orange after bleaching is because the developer used in bleaching has failed to lighten the hair enough. The hair has become oxidized at the wrong point on the scale.

As you know, a hair can go through 10 shades of lightening in total, from darker to lighter. A black hair goes to white after passing through a chromatic range that includes browns, oranges and yellows. If the hair remained in the yellow phase, it is because the rinsing process did not end as it should.

The causes of it having remained orange in bleaching can be two:

  1. First, that you have not left the discoloration long enough. Although 45 minutes is usually the standard time, this varies.
  2. The second possible cause of the discoloration reaching only orange is that you did not use a sufficiently strong developer. For dark hair you should use a water of 40 volumes, and for any other lighter, a peroxide of 30.

To the two previous reasons why a discoloration remains in the orange phase without reaching white or even yellow we have to add other factors. We must take into account: the thickness of the hair, the thickness of the bleached strand, and the previous color of base. Yes, a lot of things!

Now that we understand why you bleached your hair and it turned orange, let’s see how it can be fixed.

Orange hair due to bleaching: how to fix it

How to remove the orange hue after a bleaching? Well, look, you have two options: either dye or bleach again. And do not get excited, because most of the time the discoloration tends to be better. But hey, I’ll tell you.

Orange hair with violet hue

If what you want is to tone orange hair with a shampoo, either purple, violet or blue, I tell you that it will not be possible. It’s not going to do anything to you. Orange is a very dark color so that the effect of a simple shampoo is visible.

You could try a color bath, if you really want to go beyond dyes, but even if the tone looks pretty, the hue will not last.

How to remove orange from bleached hair without bleaching: dye

Seeing that violet shampoo is not an option, let’s move on to dyes. Now, for orange bleaching: which dye to use?

You can solve the orange color with a dye as long as you do not want to lighten (or not much), but only give tone. For example, you can use a dye if you want to go from orange hair to light brown or dark ash blonde hair.

And why can’t it be clarified? Well, because when you try to raise tones and use developer again, you will have the same problem again. Your hair will not be orange (or not so much), but it will be yellow.

For example, if you apply an 11.1 on orange thinking that with a super lightening ash blonde you will reach platinum blonde, probably the only thing you get is yellow. It also depends on what the background color of your natural color is, but I wouldn’t recommend using a very light dye to try to raise your tone. We could try an 8.1, maybe a 9.1, but no more. In my opinion. The Wella 8.1 dye is professional, so it guarantees a beautiful finish and they also sell it on Amazon. Remember to also buy developer. With a water of 20 (at 6%) it should be worth.

When choosing the dye, we must also take into account if the dye color we use has a neutral, golden or ash hue. If you notice, all the ones I mentioned above are ash (0.1), which means that it has a tone that counteracts the orange.

If you have access to hairdressing products you can try blue or violet tints, as it is the opposite in the chromatic range.

How to correct an orange discoloration with another bleaching

Following the previous idea, if your hair was orange after bleaching and you want to take it to an ash blonde, light blonde or platinum blonde, first what you should do is bleach again and then tone the hair.

We should always tone the hair after bleaching. That does not mean that the work is badly done, but that it is something that must always be done.

Since the hair is already partially rinsed, you will not need to use a water of 40. Use 30-volume water with the bleaching powders. This way you will be able to lighten up to 7 shades, so it should be enough to reach the super pale white or yellow.

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Of course, please be careful not to leave the mixture longer than necessary since now the hair is in a very fragile state.

Once the hair has been bleached following this method you will have to switch to nuance. Here I tell you in detail how to nuance, but if what you want is a quick option, I give you another idea. And yes, without dye.

Since in this case you have two bleaches on your head and your hair will be quite white as well as fragile, you can try to tone with shampoo.

How to do it? Very easy. With wet and well-drained hair, you apply a good dose of violet shampoo and let it act as much as you can. After a while remove the hue with water. Any small yellow reflections that might remain should have disappeared.

A purple shampoo dries out the hair a little, but it works well to maintain the color without resorting to dyes.

How to remove orange from bleached hair at home

If you are looking for a quick option to fix the orange and you do not have a million dyes and toners to fix the carrot tone, the best thing you can do is use a medium blonde and ash dye.

For example a 7.1. 7 is a color similar to orange, so you won’t have to lighten and subject your hair to more oxidation. And 0.1 is an ash finish that will counteract orange.

As we mentioned before, I do not recommend that you try to use a super lightener thinking that you are going to reach the blonde. That’s not going to happen, you’re just going to end up with more orange hair if possible.

And now you know how to remove the orange color from bleached hair. As you can see, in this case bleaching is usually the most sensible solution if we want a beautiful Barbie blonde tone. In any case, good luck and happy coloring!

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