How to Start Using Retinol or Vitamin A

Co?mo empezar a usar el retinol

We know that retinol or vitamin A is good for the skin but also has contraindications. So how do you start using retinol? In this post I tell you all the basics you should know to start enjoying the benefits of this cosmetic super ingredient correctly.

You know I’m passionate about learning about cosmetic ingredients. I think you have to understand well what we put on the skin of the face and how to use each ingredient correctly to get the best results.

I have told you about Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid or glycolic acid among others. And today it’s the turn of vitamin A. Also, I would like to focus specifically on how to start introducing it into our cosmetic routine, as it works a little special.

Is vitamin A good for the skin?

Vitamin A, also known as retinol, helps the formation and maintenance of teeth, bones, and skin. It is called retinol because it produces pigments in the retina of the eye. This vitamin favors the proper functioning of eyesight.

But what interests us in this blog is to know how vitamin A works for the skin of the face and if it is good or not.

Benefits of vitamin A or retinol on the skin of the face:

  • Reduces scar visibility
  • Fights wrinkles
  • Reduces sun damage
  • Minimizes pores
  • Helps balance uneven skin pigmentation

How is vitamin A used on the face?

Vitamin A or retinol is mainly used in the form of ampoules, serums and creams.

If we use this ingredient during the day, we must use sunscreen. In addition, its use should be progressive as it is mildly irritating to the skin. That’s why we sometimes hear the recommendation not to use retinol or vitamin A in summer.

How to Start Using Retinol

Retinol should be used progressively. The ideal is to introduce it into the night routine a couple of times a week and increase the dose if no problems are observed.

If you use it only for acne you may never need to exceed that dose. If you use it for wrinkles, use it in the evening routine. Going from a couple of times a week to every day. If you really need to increase the dose, you can introduce it into your morning routine, but properly protect yourself from the sun.

In my case, to give you an idea, when I started using retinol within my night treatment, I started using it daily because I did not see irritation, but after a couple of weeks I realized that I was peeling my nose and between my eyebrows, and I decided that I had to reduce the use. Since then, when I use it, I do it only two or three nights a week.

In its day I used The Ordinary Retinol Serum 1% but now they have released a more concentrated version, at 2% instead of 1%.

What type of product should be used before retinol?

When doing a retinol treatment, what type of product should be used before the retinol?

Before applying a retinol treatment, it is important to properly prepare the skin to reduce the risk of irritation and dryness. To do this, it is recommended to follow a skin care routine that includes the following products:

1. Gentle cleanser: I recommend using a gentle cleanser to remove dirt, makeup, and debris from your skin before applying the retinol. A mild cleanser will not irritate the skin and will prepare the skin for treatment. For example, a cleansing milk is better than a foam gel, which is usually more astringent.

2. Mild toner: After cleansing the skin, it is recommended to use a mild toner to balance the skin’s pH and soothe it.

3. Moisturising serum: Retinol can be quite drying on the skin, so it is recommended to apply a hydrating serum before applying retinol. This will help the skin stay hydrated and protect the skin from dryness and irritation. However, some retinol products need to be used without pre-treatment, so it’s always best to check first.

What goes on after retinol?

After applying the retinol, it is recommended to apply a moisturizer rich in nourishing ingredients. This will help restore moisture to the skin and reduce the chance of dryness or irritation.

It is important to note that retinol can be quite powerful, especially for sensitive or dry skin. Therefore, it is advisable to start with a low concentration and gradually increase the amount and frequency of application. Also, it is recommended to only use retinol at night and use sunscreen during the day, as retinol can make skin more sensitive to the sun.

Can retinol be used every day?

You can use retinol every day, but in certain cases, such as to treat acne, using it two or three times a week is enough.

As I mentioned, I had to reduce its use every day to several times a week.

How long does it take for vitamin A to take effect?

Vitamin A or retinol takes at least 42 days to take effect. The reason is that this vitamin causes the rate of cell renewal to occur faster (as when we were children). A complete cycle of cell renewal is approximately 21 days on average. Something else if we have mature skin.

It will take at least two cycles for us to begin to notice the effects of vitamin A on the skin.

Does vitamin A for the skin remove blemishes?

Vitamin A helps balance uneven skin pigmentation. So, yes, it can help remove skin blemishes produced by sun exposure over the years.

Retinoids and retinol, what’s the difference?

Retinol is a type of retinoid. When we talk about retinoids we usually refer to more powerful products that are administered with a prescription. Retinol refers to milder formulas found in cosmetic products.

Retinols as such do not exist. Retinol there is only one and the rest are retinoids.

Pure retinol for the face

Pure retinol is a commercial term. It is nothing more than retinol or vitamin A. As I said, retinol is a milder formula than retinoids. Therefore, as “pure” as it is, it is not going to be as potent as a retinoid.

When we talk about pure retinol we simply refer to vitamin A. Retinol is different from retinoids and other derivatives of this vitamin.

Many creams and serums use pure retinol in their formulations. That is, simple vitamin A. The difference between them is that they use it in different concentrations.

The Hummingbird treatment is one of the best known with pure retinol. It is suitable for all skin types. Of course, you must follow the instructions to use it correctly. If you decide to use it at night, after giving yourself the retinol you should apply a moisturiser.If you give it in the morning, you should use an SPF 50 sunscreen.

Retinol and the Sun

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the use of retinol during the day. The cause is that the use of retinol causes the skin to become more sensitive.

You can use retinol during the day, but you must use sunscreen. In addition, it is important that it is of a high SPF. The reason is that retinol makes the skin more sensitive to the sun’s rays.

What is The Ordinary’s strongest retinol?

The Ordinary is one of the brands that has become more fashionable in retinol or vitamin A in the cosmetic industry.

The flagship product is The Ordinary Retinol Serum 1%. However, now they already have a version with a concentration of 2%, which is the strongest retinol of The Ordinary and therefore the one that offers the most visible results. In addition, we must remember that The Ordinary is a very economical brand, an addition to its success.

This product uses state-of-the-art active retinoid technologies, which is the retinol derivative that best fights the signs of aging.

With this we close today’s post on how to startusing retinol or vitamin A . With this we should be clear about the first steps to start enjoying the benefits of this wonderful cosmetic ingredient.

Much love,

Deliria Rose

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