How to tone bleached hair at home

Cómo matizar el pelo decolorado en casa

Hello darlings! In today’s post I tell you how to tone bleached hair at home step by step. Both to get a platinum blonde and other shades of extra light blonde. At the time I told you how to tone up highlights and it turned out to be a very popular post. So this time I wanted to have not only how to apply the correct toner to correct the yellow in balayage or other highlights, but when we carry the discoloration at the root.

In the photo you see I certainly carry the discoloration tinged with dye. But better keep reading to know which technique to choose depending on your case.

How to tone bleached hair at home

Sometimes when we apply bleaching to ourselves at home, it is difficult to get the color right, so today I give you ideas to nuance the bleaching easily.

To begin with, before deciding what is the best technique to tone bleached hair, we have to check the color and current condition of the hair and what we want the final result to be.

If you wonder when to tone your hair, the answer is always.

Whenever we perform a bleaching we must nuance. That doesn’t mean we did it wrong. It is simply that the discoloration itself does not serve to provide color. It serves only to clarify. To get a base from which to work. And for this in many cases we will need dyes, which are those that provide color pigments.

How to tone bleached hair to white

If your discoloration is very light (pale yellow in some areas and white in others, for example), to reach white it will be worth toning with a violet shampoo or a color bath.

To nuance with a color bath you can use a water of 10 for example. The dye number to maintain white should be 12. Do not use a dye with ash nuance on a white base because it will be gray. This one from Wella has a very nice finish. You can use it as is, mixed only with developer, or you can add a drop of another dye with a subtone that you like. But if you want to correct a little, use it alone and in a colored bath (with 10-volume water):

A second option if the hair is white or almost is to tone with a purple or violet shampoo. You can apply it on damp hair and leave it on for a few minutes. Control the color, since white will absorb violet pigments very quickly and you can end up with hair like a geranium.

If your discoloration is yellow or darker, you’ll need to bleach again to get to white, sorry. Once the hair is white, follow one of the two steps above: color bath or violet shampoo.

Here you can see the scale of colors through which a hair passes through bleaching. To get to dye the hair white we need it to be at the top of the scale.

discoloration tones
Shades of the bleaching process

How to tone yellow discoloration

If your discoloration is yellow and you are looking for a very light blonde but without reaching white, you should use a dye.

This is the most common case. Usually we will always need to nuance with dye. As I said, it is not that we have misapplied the bleaching, but it is the best way to control the final color. Bleaching does not give color, it only lightens the hair.

In this case choose a 10.1 or an 11.1. As you can see, here we do apply an ash tone to counteract the yellow of the hair.

This Wella Professionals Koleston Perfect Me has a nice color if you are looking for an 11:

Depending on the state of the hair and the level of yellow we can use a higher or lower developer. In any case, I would not use more than 20 volumes of water (at 6%). The Schwarzkoft Blondme is one of the highest quality, but in the end, any other brand will serve you.

How to tone an orange or reddish discoloration

If the bleaching was orange you can solve it with a dye as long as you do not want to lighten the color, but only give tone. For example, you can use a dye if you want to go from orange hair to light brown or dark ash blonde hair.

If you want to go from orange to platinum blonde, for example, you will have to bleach. Sorry, I know it’s not what you want to read, but it’s the truth. So take a deep breath and encouragement. When you do, you will have a light blonde so beautiful that you will have forgotten the heaviness of the discolorations.

However, here you have the complete post with all the techniques on how to remove the orange tone from bleached hair.

Here I leave the products you will need: bleaching powders and developer.

Bleaching powders: I show you the BlondMe Bond Enforcing option from Schwarzkoft because they help protect and repair the hair while lifting the color effectively. Here you can read my personal experience with these Schwarzkoft bleaching powders.

opinion Blondme Bond Enforcing by Schwarzkoft
Blondme Bond Enforcing by Schwarzkoft

And as developer to mix I will recommend the developer of Blondme Supreme from Schwarzkoft too, but this time the 30-volume one to raise a little. This is a specific developer for blond hair.

How to tone bleached hair to gray

If you want to wear a light pearl gray tone, you will have to bring your hair to white first. Just like to apply any other light fantasy color. Be it pink, blue, green, etc. If we want those colors to look clear and bright, the base on which we work must be white.

If your hair is yellow, orange or reddish, bleach again very carefully until it reaches white.

Once in white you can apply gray or any other color you want. For gray you can use a pure 0.1. Of course, it will be gray, gray.

If what you want is a very ash platinum blonde I advise you an 11.1.

These are the most basic techniques you can resort to to tone bleached hair at home easily, with dyes that you can find on Amazon. However, if you look more appointed, I encourage you to try more sophisticated colors and tones.

Hairdressing houses offer plenty of collections and shades to suit everything we want.

For example, if you want a beautiful pearl blonde, Swarzkoft has a range, that of Highlifts, with beautiful shades of gray. They are specially designed for bases that are between a tone 7 to 9.

And to me personally it seems that there is nothing more beautiful than a super fresh color, freshly nuanced, uniform but with texture … Anyway, I love it! But what I want to tell you is that little by little, try, enjoy it and find something with which you look beautiful (or handsome) and at ease. And have fun in the meantime!


See you very soon, loves.

Lots of love,

Deliria Rose