The best home treatments for hair damaged by bleaching

Tratamientos caseros para cabello maltratado por decoloracio?n

We continue with the bleaching series, darlings! Today I’m going to talk about the best home treatments for hair damaged by bleaching. Tested by me!

I am publishing a series of articles about bleached hair that I hope you find useful. Whether you have scalp bleaching or highlights. As you know, I’ve been making color for 10 years always using bleaching, so I’ve been gaining a lot of experience.

Recently I told you about how to make a bleaching at home step by step. Now, even if you followed the footsteps, surely your hair has suffered after the process. It’s inevitable. That’s why today I tell you what treatments you can perform to repair hair damaged by bleaching.

Next, I leave you a list of treatments for hair very burned by bleaching. These treatments helped me recover my hair fiber when my hair was bleached and chewy. In addition to treatments, there are some tips that hairdressers recommend to recover hair burned by bleaching.

However, in today’s article I am going to focus on home treatments for hair damaged by bleaching. In another post soon I will talk about specific products (shampoos and masks) for this type of hair need.

As a personal advice I would tell you to try to combine these home treatments with some other product. There is no magic miracle for hair damaged by deco, but we must add efforts little by little.

Home treatments for damaged hair due to bleaching

Here are the top 3 treatments that have helped me the most in my personal case:

1. Home keratin treatments for damaged hair.

Home-made keratin treatments can be used on heavily damaged hair.

There are many different products on the market, but they basically work in several steps. Usually come 3 or 4 products. First you have to apply wet. After applying you have to cover with a shower cap and wait for it to dry. And finally, the third or fourth step usually consists of running the iron through the hair to seal the keratin. Although at first glance it seems that the heat of the iron will damage the hair, these products are designed to achieve precisely the opposite effect.

Keratin after bleaching is one of the most effective home treatments for hair damaged by bleaching that we will find.

One of the best known examples, which sounds like you is already the keratin treatment of the Tahe brand that I leave below. You can easily buy it from Amazon and use it at home comfortably. There are 5 little bottles that you can store and use after bleaching, which lasts a long time and comes out well priced.

Tahe Kerafusion Pure Keratin Hair Treatment
Tahe Kerafusion Pure Keratin Hair Treatment

2. Olive oil masks.

The olive oil mask can be prepared in various ways. There are many “recipes” of masks online in which you mix olive oil with other ingredients. For example with honey, or with lemon. You can do it if you want, of course. But remember that what will give softness and body to your damaged hair is the oil.

In addition to olive oil you can use almond oil, which smells great, or coconut oil.

To make the mask what I did was wet my hair in a generous amount of oil. Especially in areas where hair was broken by bleaching. Then he made me a tight bun so that my hair would not bother me. And then I would leave it on for as long as possible before washing it. I used to take the opportunity to go for a run, or do things at home, and then wait to wash my hair before eating, for example. The important thing is to let the oil mask rest for a few hours.

Another home treatment I’ve read that is very good for bleached hair is avocado. But the truth is that I have never tried to make avocado masks yet. I’ll tell you if I do.

There are masks, such as this one from Olivelia that can serve as a natural treatment. This in particular is a premium cosmetics brand that does not use toxins in its formulation. It is an olive oil mask free of parabens, petroleum jelly, paraffins and glycolic propylene.

3. Specific masks for bleached hair.

It is vital that we take advantage of the moment of washing our hair to use a good mask. Forget about conditioners because they won’t do anything to repair damaged hair. What you need to use after using your shampoo is a deep repairing mask. Don’t waste time with supermarket masks. Or for other types of hair needs.

In my opinion, the Chroma Absolu mask from Kérastase is one of the best for repairing damaged hair. But again, it is just an example, the important thing is that you use one that is specific to hair that is really damaged. And that you use it in each wash, not sporadically. It is a very simple practice that we can underestimate, but the truth is that hair masks are one of the best home remedies to repair hair damaged by bleaching.

Review Chroma Filler Mask by Kérastase
Chroma Filler mask by Kérastase

At the time I made an article about the best products for bleached hair. However, I would like to update it and make a post about masks for hair damaged by bleaching, since I have used many since then.

It is also important, of course, to use a proper shampoo. We need a shampoo that is nourishing and that is specifically to repair the hair fiber.

I hope this article about home treatments for hair damaged by decoration has served you. I will make a specific one about mask shampoos to use for this type of hair. But until then, I encourage you to try these home remedies that surely will be helpful.

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