My review on John Frieda’s shampoo Violet Crush

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In today’s post we are going to review a shampoo by John Frieda, specifically the purple shampoo “Violet Crush for blondes”.

This is a purple shampoo that helps to eliminate yellow hair tones, both in highlighted and bleached hair.

As you know, I like to use this type of shampoo to prevent my hair from looking yellowish, which is a thing that happens very often when you bleach your hair. It also happens when you dye it, but in that case you have to apply a different solution, since from experience violet shampoos do not work very well.

If what you have is highlights that you need to tone up and a violet shampoo is not enough, I recommend the entry on how to tone highlights to learn to tone them up with the help of dyes and bleaching.

I decided on a shampoo from the John Frieda brand because it has good opinions on the internet. This, the Violet Crush for blondes, along with the Go Blonder and the lightening shampoo, are three shampoos for blonde hair that are supposed to work miracles. How could I not want to try?

Prices and where to buy

This shampoo is sold on Amazon.

My opinion on John Frieda’s shampoo

Until now my favourite was the Silver shampoo from L’Oréal Professionnel because I thought it was the most effective. Well, this one seems to me to be equally or more effective.

With this shampoo, from the first wash you notice the hair clearly more grayish. With zero yellow pigments.

Of course, we must bear in mind, as I said at the beginning that it only eliminates the yellow tone of very blonde bleached hair. The parts of my hair that were darker yellow or light orange haven’t changed.

In the post where I talked in depth about purple shampoo I showed you the difference between two photos. It had only been a few days and a wash with John Frieda’s violet shampoo in between. In fact, the difference is so big that it even seems to me that this shampoo has a lightening effect on blonde.

Purple shampoo - Before and after

As a negative part I have to say that this shampoo dries out the hair a little. After using it you have a feeling of freshness in the hair but also dryness. It is good to try to use it together with a mask.

As part of my hair care routine, I use John Frieda’s violet shampoo in every three washes. I used to do it every two washes, but this shampoo is so effective that it really does not need more frequency.

So much for my review on John Frieda’s Violet Crush shampoo. I hope you found it useful for all of you who want to keep a super nice platinum blonde or just make those yellowish tones disappear.

I leave here my video in which I talk about other hair products with blonde highlights in case you are interested:

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