My review of Elvive’s Dream Long Stop Frizz serum

opinión sobre el Dream Long Stop Frizz de Elvive

Today I bring you a new review, this time my opinion of the leave in anti-frizz serum Dream Long Stop Frizz by Elvive, from L’Oréal. It is a hair product that has recently come to market and promises to eliminate frizz from long hair. Did it pass my test? Let´s find out.

What is Dream Long Stop Frizz by Elvive used for?

The Dream Long is an anti-frizz serum to use before styling hair or as a finishing product. It aims to make it look brighter and eliminate unwanted volume. It is especially recommended for long manes and frizzy hair.

Does Elvive Dream Lengths help your hair grow?

This serum is part of Elvive’s Dream Long range, a line from L’Oréal, which is intended to take care of long hair. This line also has shampoo, conditioner, mask and styling cream. By protecting the middle and end sections of your hair, it helps your hair grow.

This anti-frizz serum for long hair is supposed to protect up to 230 degrees Celsius. And it promises to lengthen your hair up to 4 cm. Or rather that the last centimeters you thought to get rid of last a little longer. A product to combat split ends of hair. Fights frizz and static electricity.

In theory, the types of hair that would benefit most from this serum are long, thick and those that curl and gain volume easily. If you are one of those who as soon as there is a little moisture your hair flies, this product is supposed to be for you.

This is a low-cost serum under the €/£ 10 mark. By the way, if you see that my serum can in the photo has a different packaging, in English, it is because I bought it here in England, but the product is the same.

Elvive Dream Long Serum Review
Elvive Dream Long Serum

How to use the serum?

The Dream Long Stop Frizz from Elvive can be used in two ways.

  1. As a heat protectant. The first option is to apply it after washing and conditioning the hair, when it is still wet, and before using the heat products. Obviously, there is no need for clarification. In this way you protect the hair from damage from the dryer and irons. 230 degrees is the maximum that both tools usually have, so it’s fine.
  2. As a hairstyle serum. To give shine and avoid frizz. The second option is to apply it when you already have dry hair. In this case it will not protect from heat but eliminate static electricity or frizz caused by moisture.

My review on Elvive’s Dream Long Stop Frizz anti-frizz serum

When I bought this serum I was going with the idea of a product that I could use dry to give more shine to the hair and avoid frizz, since lately I like to wear straight hair. My hair, for those of you who are new to the blog, is long, thick, dry and tends to frizz.

That is, I was looking for something to use dry, after using the dryer or the irons.

I wasn’t looking for a heat protectant, because I already have. I’m using GHD hair protectors, which by the way are great. If you want to read the review is in the link. I wanted something to use after using the dryer.

My styling routine is simply to straighten the hair with a dryer and use a serum in the middle and ends when finished. I do not like to use irons unless I want to give an extra smooth touch, because the irons damage the hair more than the dryer.

And for those of you who are thinking: “it is impossible to get a perfect straightening with a dryer, my hair is too thick”, it is not true. If you know how to do a good brushing, all hair can be straightened with a dryer.

But back to Elvive’s frizz serum. I started using it after styling, once the hair is totally dry. And the feeling is that it leaves my hair sticky and dry. I expected a more oily texture. Something that would leave my hair soft to the touch and with movement. This is not the case. It is true that it eliminates static electricity, in that sense well. But it does not bring shine to the hair, it only gives it weight and makes it tangled.

I get the impression that so that the hair does not curl this serum of Elvive acts as a kind of “glue”. Which is not very cool.

Maybe if you are looking for a thermal protector you will do better, but as a finishing product I would not recommend it. It’s not what I was waiting for. I wouldn’t include it among my favourite hair products, really.

Does it eliminate frizz? Yes. Does it provide shine and hydration? Not at all.

What type of hair does the Dream Long Stop Frizz from Elvive work best for? For dry and thick hair, definitely.

One thing I do like is the smell. Like many hair care products, it smells great, and leaves a certain scent in the hair that is pleasant.

I think for the moment I’m going to buy another one that’s really a serum, not a heat shield. And when I run out of GHD protectors I will start using this as a product for the dryer and irons. Maybe at that moment I will do better, I will tell you. Or maybe it would work better for me if I didn’t use it in conjunction with other products, but alone. Maybe.

I hope this post review of Elvive’s Dream Long Stop Frizz has helped you if you are thinking of buying the product. Since it can’t be tested in the store it’s hard to know if it works or not.

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See you here very soon.

A huge hug,

Deliria Rose

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