My review of Igora Royal Highlifts of Schwarzkopf Professional 10-0 colour.

Hello everyone! In today’s post I share my review of Igora Royal Highlifts by Schwarzkopf 10-0 (Ultra Blonde Natural). This dye is part of the Royal Highlifts collection, which are Schwarzkopf’s super lighteners. I show you the before and after and the steps I follow to use it.

Igora Royal by Schwarzkopf Professional

IGORA ROYAL dyes from Schwarzkopf are a type of permanent coloring that has 5 lines:

  • IGORA ROYAL (the little red box, this is the main line).
  • IGORA ROYAL Highlifts (where the dye I am talking about today belongs).
  • IGORA ROYAL Fashion Lights
  • IGORA ROYAL Absolutes
  • IGORA ROYAL Silver Whites

Each of these lines is used for specific colouring needs.

The IGORA ROYAL Highlifts line is used for when intense rinsing is needed. For example, when we want to get a light blonde without bleaching or when we work with very dark hair. (In both cases, my hair type!)

Schwarzkopf Igora Royal Highlifts Hair Colour 10

  • The Highlifts range from IGORA is formulated to achieve up to 4 levels of lift.
  • To be used with 30 or 40 vol developer for maximum lift.
  • For hairs on a base 7 and 8.

Here you have other reviews I have done of colours from this range, so that you can have an idea of how they look.

Reviews of Schwarzkoft Igora dyes:

Where to buy Igora Royal dye from Schwarzkopf Highlifts

This dye in this shade 10 is sold in commercials reserved for hairdressing professionals or from Amazon. This colour cream is supposed to be for professionals, so it is not massively available online.

Igora Royal Highlifts Color Chart by Schwarzkopf Professional

Next you have the range of Blonde colours, within the range of “Natural”. For the full color chart, visit the official Schwarzkopf website.

I am not getting paid to recommend this (I wish I did because I love them), but I have to say that I love Schwarzkoft colours and the enormous variety of shades they have depending on the needs of each hair.

Igora Royal by Schwarzkopf Professional HIGHLIFTS Color Chart

How does Igora Royal numbering work?

Schwrzkopf uses a 3-digit system.

The number in front of the hyphen (10-) is the base. That is, it indicates the height of the tone. The first number behind the hyphen represents the main direction of tone (e.g. ash, gold, natural, etc.). The second number behind the dash indicates the secondary direction of the tone (the secondary color, i.e. the hue of is golden, ash, or natural undertone).

In this case it is a 10-0, which is a very light blonde with a natural finish, without subtones. In fact the name is Ultra Blonde Natural, that is, Ultra Natural Blonde.

When I bought it, I expected it to go orange since my hair is very dark, but I wanted to do it like this to see how it looked and also so that you can see how this color looks without undertones of any kind.

In other posts I will show you this same dye, but in other colors so you can compare.

How to apply Schwarzkopf Igora Royal tone 10-1.

This dye 10 from Igora Highlifts I have used to touch up my root between the bleaching jobs I do every 3 months. I need something that keeps the root clear, even if it’s not as clear as the bleaching.

I quickly tell you my color strategy so that you understand it within its context. This is the color I apply on the virgin root of my hair every month between bleaches. When I do the bleaching (highlights), I combine it with a different dye.

For years I have followed the same routine in which I retouched my root every month and a half with a darker tone (8), but now I have to do it more often since the root is darker and the difference is more noticeable. Instead of touching up once between bleaches (every month and a half), I now do it every month.

In this post I tell you how I do to tone up highlights. The truth is that I change a lot because I like to experiment, but there I leave you a very simple color idea.

How to prepare the mixture for Igora Royal?

Mix 60 ml of Igora Royal Highlifts dye with 60 of 30 volume developer. That is, we mix in equal parts in a ratio of 1 to 1.

Remember that the developer must be purchased separately. I use 30 volumes because my hair is very dark and I want the mixture to lift.

How long do I leave the Igora Royal dye?

With 20-30 minutes of application is enough, especially if you use a water of 30 volumes.

Before and After Igora Royal Schwarzkopf Professional 10-0.

In the photos you can see what is the result of applying dye 10 (mixed with developer of 30 volumes). As you can see my base is dark chestnut. And the tone it reaches after half an hour of application is a dark blonde with a golden, almost orange finish.

The 10 seems to me a perfect shade if you do not have too dark hair (which is not my case). If you have hair as dark as I do, opt for a dye with ash finish.

As for the degree of lifting, as you can see it has lift up very well and has exceeded my expectations. The colour is much lighter than other 10-numbered dyes from other brands.

Now, taking my case as an example, you can create your own blonde colors with different dyes. That’s the art of hair colouring.

What I hope is that by showing you the before and after and also my opinion about the Igora Royal Highlifts from Schwarzkopf Professional 10, you can get an idea of how it is used separately on a dark base.

I love to experiment, but in this photo I only have the 10 of Schwarkoft Igora Highlights mixed with developer of 30 volumes so you can see the effect.

Before and After Igora Royal HIGHLIFTS by Schwarzkopf TUN 10-0
Before and After Igora Royal HIGHLIFTS by Schwarzkopf tone 10-0

My review of Igora Royal by Schwarzkopf Professional 10

In my opinion the 10 of Igora Royal from Schwarzkopf Professional fulfills its mission, which is to lighten the hair intensely. Perfect if we want a light blonde without using bleaching.  

However, if you have hair as dark as me, I recommend that you look for a dye with an ash undertone. Remember that the undertone is the number after the hyphen.

The main challenge of my hair is to lift so many tones without turning red or orange, and when I use natural finish dyes, like this one, the result is usually something orange, as you see in the photo.

In the next color work I do I will use the 10-21 of Igora, a color with ash finish that I am sure will correct the orange reflections without problems.

I hope my review about the Igora Royal Highlifts by Schwarzkopf Professional 10 has served you.

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If you want to see more detail about my color routine, I leave the following video on my channel:

Lots of love,

Deliria Rose

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